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The Guan-Yin II crew is listed below. In 2019, we're an active ship and we're always looking for more great players to join us. We can always use more medical staff but also security, pilots, engineers and more. Talk to us.

Leaders (NPC)

A note: Since it's not allowed to have two PCs in one org and the players want to stick with either their old familiar character Donna or start fresh with a brand-new young character Jude, the Guan-Yin's captain and XO are presently NPCs played by them. So if you need to talk to the captain or her XO, please poke one of the two players, whoever is online.

Fiona Allister Captain NPC (generally played by Jude's player)
Npc captain.jpg

Fiona was a child during the war, in which her parents were pro-Independence and fought for the Browncoats. Her mother and brother did not survive the war and her father began an unsteady life as a smuggler, taking the girl everywhere. Growing up she became an accomplished pilot and gunslinger who could drink any man under the table. She left her father's side in a hasty decision to get married, but that didn't go well and she divorced half a year later. She drifted between other ships, married another man and they ran an operation together for some time with him as captain and her as his XO. But he had no head for business and when he cheated her, she dumped him and quit. During a particularly wild gambling night on Paquin, she won a Scarab off a luckless smuggler and started her own operation. For some years she was very successful, but made enemies along the way and eventually got caught up in things that saw her lose her crew and ship. By now in her 40s, she was tired of being constantly on the run and decided to try being a honest citizen. She joined the Guan-Yin II first as XO and moved on captain her when Cody A. Martin left. She's still partial to a good drink (or seven) and knows too many curses that would make a miner blush, but so far she's managed to hold her new life together.

Andy "Buster" Benson XO NPC (generally played by Donna's player)
Npc xo.jpg

Andy grew up in a rough 'hood on Boros where most people relied on work in the scrapyards and keeping their heads under the radar of the Alliance. Andy had a gift for making things work from even the worst bits of scrap and passed the time making up lyrics for rap songs. In what little free time he had, he even did some freestyle rapping and battles with other kids from the area, using the stage name "Buster". He had a lucky break when he was able to fix a very expensive private Yacht whose owner offered him a job as mechanic. He was glad to get away from Boros, but wasn't happy with his new and posh boss who lived on Osiris, went on frequent business trips and forced him to wear a uniform. Eventually he quit while on Persephone and soon got a new job on a transport ship, where he also learned the basics of piloting and how to shoot a gun. One evening he was putting on a little rap performance on Beaumonde, where he was spotted by Fiona. They got talking and since she needed a new mechanic on the Guan-Yin, she offered him a job. Asked or not, he always had an opinion on everything and she eventually became so used to him being at her side, she promoted him to XO.

Medical Staff (PC)

Kenthadus Grayshade Doctor (Rural Medicine)/Pilot PC

Kenthadus Grayshade is a very experienced pilot who also trained as a doctor. He used to fly with the Guan-Yin II before and has now returned to the ship to serve as senior pilot and help out wherever else he may be needed.

Retsu Unohana Surgeon/Alliance Liaison PC
Retsu thumb.jpg


Kirsten O'Dowd Medic PC
Kirstenheadshot2 thumb.jpg


Eir Duncan Doctor(General/Surgery) PC

Eir is a recent hire to the Guan-Yin II, brought aboard early March 2544. Originally from Ezra, she'd attended school on Osiris, graduating near the top of her class. For a while, she worked back on her home planet, even joined the crew of another ship for a while before finding herself working at the hospital on Persephone. After several years there, it was time for a change, and the Guan-Yin was in dock, preparing to head out again. Right now, she's happy to be on board, looking forwards to working with those on board with no real thoughts of what tomorrow might bring to her beyond tending to her patients.

Donna McKellen Nurse (Trauma) PC

Donna has a long history with the Guan-Yin. Hailing from Osiris, she first joined the ship in September 2522 as an engineer. Two years later she was promoted to XO, and then ended up in charge of the ship. She served as captain for four and a half years. During that time she dated and married Karn Dalton, and she pursued studies as a nurse. At the end of 2529, Donna and Karn left the Goddess to start a family on Paquin. She completed her nursing studies and has settled into that new career. She now has a daughter and a son, and has divorced Karn. In late 2541 she was drawn back to the Guan-Yin, joining the crew as a nurse - adamant that she doesn't want any other position on board.

Jude Connelly Trainee Nurse PC

Jude joined the Guan-Yin in early 2542 initially as a guest only. He had been invited by Donna after her good friend, the Shepherd Stephen McManus had on his deathbed confessed his darkest secret to her, a son he had never acknowledged because of his religious vows. Following his last wish Donna went to Jiangyin to see if the boy was alright or needed help. While Jude was living quite happily on a farm with his mother, stepfather and siblings, he did want to get off the rock and see the verse and accepted the invitation to find out more about his father. He likes it on the Guan-Yin and starts thinking that he wouldn't mind a career in nursing.

Other Crew (PC)

Ava Arnett Computer Technician PC
Ava thumb.jpg


Jon Delacroix Guide/Security PC

Jon is a hairy mountain man. Iiiiiin Spaaaaaaace! Finding him on a hospital ship is reminiscent of tits on a bull. Fun and handy, but ultimately not terribly useful. He prowls the corridors in a bush hat and a smile, goading his work mates to 'get off the damn ship' and 'see a tree once in a while.'

Odell Malika Security/Medic PC


Maxim Vargas Security PC

Andrastae Kitsuke Security PC

Additional NPC Crew

The Guan-Yin II is a fully staffed hospital ship. There will always be situations in RP where people might need a doctor, a nurse or armed security for protection when no PC is available. For this purpose there's a pool of NPCs available that are part of the ship's crew people are free to use in scenes (within reasonable limits) and using NPC taskrolls.

Pritha Devi-Carlton Nurse (Pediatrics) NPC

Originally a hairdresser on Persephone, Pritha found that that job didn't satisfy her enough. She turned back to school to become a nurse and soon after graduating she joined the Guan-Yin II. She has become a valued member of the crew, always helping out with a warm, friendly and optimistic attitude. She loves children, and has gotten certified as a pediatric nurse. She has therefore become the go-to person on board when a babysitter is needed. After several years of dating, she has married Zeke Carlton (see below). The couple is unable to have children of their own, but this only seems to drive Pritha's desire to help look after everyone else's.

Ezekiel "Zeke" Carlton Engineer/Quartermaster NPC
NPC Zeke.jpg

Zeke grew up on Alexandria, where his family ran the combination general store/saloon that served as the linchpin for the community of Olynthos (his siblings still run it). He was always good with mechanical things, and worked at local machine shops and shipyards. He got into a serious relationship with Jeanette Houston, a woman with a bright career ahead of her on the pollution control board. They got engaged, but then things fell apart. He moved to Regina for a time, but didn’t like it there, and began working on ships as a mechanic and security hand. He has been with the Guan-Yin for over fifteen years now. He can be reserved at times, but opens up when among friends and knows plenty of great jokes. He is even known to sing on occasion. He helps out on security detail as needed, and he’s quite handy in the kitchen. He’s married to Pritha (see above).

Aurora Lassiter Junior Pilot NPC

Aurora was an unanticipated addition to the Guan-Yin crew when she was six years old - the surprise daughter of Blake Lassiter. She grew up on board the ship. She was bright, cheerful, and inquisitive - following around any given crew member and getting involved in whatever they were doing. She knows the ship’s mission well (not to mention every one of its hiding places). As a teen, she moved with her father to a ranch on Angel. She liked the ranch, and loves horses, but the Black kept calling to her. She finished school with high marks in math and history, then went into the city to take a pilot’s training course. At 21, recently licensed, she returned to the Guan-Yin as a junior pilot.

Huntley Kingsgrove Security NPC
Npc security.jpg

Huntley was born to a rich family on Londinium that could trace their ancestors all the way back to Earth-That-Was and London. Many of his family members were in the military and involved in the war in some way, either being out there fighting or working at Headquarters on Londinium. Young Huntley couldn't wait to join the war and at 18 finally signed up as a junior officer. When the war ended two years later, he had won his first decorations and moved on to train with the SAS. He spent the next years hunting down rebel nests and destroying them. But his dedication to the military weakened the more atrocities he witnessed. When he was forced to arrest a young woman, leaving three children behind to fight for themselves and most likely being sold into slavery, he had enough. He freed the woman from jail and ran off with her, retrieving the children in the process. Living a life on the run from the Alliance on a rough Rim planet like Harvest was hard for him. On top of that his wife died a few years later, possibly from lingering wounds sustained during her time in Alliance jail. He did his best to raise the kids on his own and when they were old enough to make their own lives, left Harvest behind. Hiding his military training, he passed himself off as a gunslinger and worked security on various ships, always looking over his shoulder for the Alliance to come after him. A while ago he met Fiona on Persephone, who needed a capable head of security for the Guan-Yin and hired him. Rumours have it she likes him for other things, too. Eventually she got his whole story out of him and has sworn to protect him if the Alliance is still after him.

Arcangelo "Archie" Maldini Doctor (General/Oncology) NPCs

Dr. Maldini originally hails from Ariel, and more recently came from Londinium where he was researching a cure to a specific form of myeloma. His employer had become unreasonably demanding (expecting to sell the cancer cure for a thousand credits a pill), and Maldini fled... connecting with the Guan-Yin and receiving their help in getting 13-year-old patient Adriana ("Nina") out of the clinic, along with his research, and going into hiding on board the ship. He spent almost an entire year working on completing his cure, thus saving Nina, then came to an agreement which allows his former employer to sell the treatment in the Core while the Guan-Yin can sell or distribute it as they choose on the Rim and most Border worlds. Having started a relationship with Donna, and seeing the Guan-Yin as a new home, Archie and Nina remained aboard. He has been brushing up on his general medical knowledge, so that he can help out properly on board.

Other Residents, Guest Stars, Etc.

Sushmita Khan Doctor (Virology) PC (on-call)

The brilliant Dr. Sushmita Khan is as known for her expertise in the field of virology as for her utter lack of bedside manners. Having spent three years on board the Guan-Yin II and at the Book Memorial Hospital on Persephone while researching a vaccine for a particularly virulent strain of malaria, she finally returned to her home planet of Ariel, her work at St. Lucy's and her husband Sanjay. But the Guan-Yin crew know that they can always call her should the need arise and she will not only come out to assist them on the Border or Rim planets but also mobilize what help she can from St. Lucy's with its excellent equipment and facilities.

Marie and Louis Dalton Residents NPCs
Marie Caitlin thumb.jpg
Marie at age 11
Louis Orion thumb.jpg
Louis at age 9

Marie Caitlin Dalton (now 13) and Louis Orion Dalton (now 11) are the children of Donna McKellen and Karn Dalton. They moved aboard the Guan-Yin with their mother at the end of 2541. Marie is an active, athletic sort and very eager to make new friends. Louis (pronounced without the 's') is more reserved, often sitting on his own to read or draw. They both spend most of their time on schoolwork.

Adriana "Nina" Carvalho Resident NPCs

Scrubs Guardian Cat

Scrubs is a calico cat with tabby and white markings, huge yellow eyes with green stars in them, and a docile personality. As the story goes, he was found in a laundry basket of scrubs, and was thus named and gifted to the hospital ship as a suitable home. He is getting up there in years now and spends most of his time napping.

Satchmo Guardian Dog

Satchmo is a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier with a brown and white coat. He was discovered by Jude near the spaceport in Osiris Capital City, abandoned with a broken leg. Already past his puppy years, he's still energetic. He's now primarily in the care of Louis Dalton.