Guan-Yin II

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Guan-Yin II

Where there is hate, let there be love.
Where there is war, let there be peace.
Where there is suffering, let there be compassion.
Where people are in need, let me be there.

Class Trans-U
Crew Capacity 24 crew, 100 passengers/patients
Command Crew
Fiona Allister - Captain†
Andy "Buster" Benson - XO‡
(PC contacts: †Jude and ‡Donna)
Full crew list
Ownership History

Olivia Piper and Rulls Darwin - first owners of the Guan-Yin II
Donna McKellen
Guan-Yin Corporation
Count Salin Fawzy
Guan-Yin Corporation - Current Owner

The Guan-Yin II is a hospital ship, often referred to as simply the "Guan-Yin", and sometimes called "The Goddess" (the ship is named for the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy).

The second ship to bear the name Guan-Yin was selected to offer increased accommodations for both crew and patients, as the crew was outgrowing the first Guan-Yin. Like the first ship to bear the name, the second offers free medical care and responds to calls for assistance, including outbreaks of disease or major accidents on Rim worlds, and distress calls from ships in space.

As a hospital facility, the ship is well-equipped. It cannot match the offerings at a Core hospital, naturally, but it has a complete set of standard equipment, an operating room, ICU, and space to serve up to 20 patients in the medical wing and up to 100 total by temporarily converting the cargo bay. The ship has two long-range shuttles which have been converted as ambulances and support ships: the Tereshkova and the Da'rhi. The Guan-Yin is loosely affiliated with Derrial Book Memorial Hospital on Persephone, and uses that planet as a home base.

Notable History

To view the history of the Guan-Yin II before March of 2531, please click here.

Visitor Policies

  • Welcome aboard the Guan-Yin II - Please respect the following visitor policies:
  • Visitors must check all weapons with the sentry on duty in the cargo bay (ooc: the Weapon Check does not yet work with VOS weapons. Please use +set/ooc to check your weapons for now. If you want to ICly come farther onto the ship with your weapons, please contact one of the crew to work things out first).
  • Treatment is available to anyone, regardless of faction, politics or financial means. Politics, like weapons, should be checked at the door.
  • No smoking or illegal drugs are permitted on board. Alcohol is not permitted in the medical wing.
  • Violence and harassment (including sexual or any other type) against patients or crew members is not permitted.
  • Family and friends are generally welcome to visit patients. We ask that you respect any doctors requests on visit length and maintaining an environment where our patients can recover quickly. This is our first priority.
  • Thank you, and enjoy your stay. The Medical Bay can be reached directly by taking the lift.

Roleplay Opportunities

Come play with us! The Guan-Yin is a unique sort of ship, and we want to use what the ship is and what it can do to promote roleplay on the game.

Individuals - we welcome new RP ties with individuals, whether you're in another org or not. If you're searching for RP and see the ship nearby (or even if you just see someone online on board, and figure you can get to us somehow), feel free to get in touch to see about coming over for a visit. It could be medical related, or we could find another hook if something else makes sense. Please do take note of our Visitor Policies, above.

If you're looking for a new crew to fly with, we're often looking for good, new people to add to our group. Both newbies and long-time players are welcome. Take a look at our our Crew Handbook and Policies, and check to see if we have any hiring posts on bboard 10. Contact any of the crew leaders to discuss things.

Orgs - we are also open to developing cross-org roleplay, to the benefit of both orgs. We could develop ideas for joint TPs, or simply meet up to provide medical help or to socialize. If your org is particularly hard-hit with health problems (whether induced by illness, combat, natural disaster or anything else), get in touch and we'll see what we can do. Note that our ship can't be everywhere at once, but we do try to respond to IC calls (within reason, considering safety and things like that) to provide medical help. That's the kind of thing our crew likes to RP.

Contacting Us

Feel free to +wave, @mail or page any of the crew leaders (listed at the top of this page) if you have questions or something you'd like to chat about.

Our emergency channel is: 911.11