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The Guan-Yin Corporation is the business entity established for the operation of the Guan-Yin hospital ship. The company was first formed on a small scale, coinciding with the purchase of the first Guan-Yin. The corporate structure was then greatly updated and expanded at the start of 2527, and has been altered occasionally over the years since.

Company facts:

  • The company is registered as a non-physical business based on Persephone (the ship's home port).
  • The business is set up as a limited liability, non-profit corporation. There is no public stock offering.
  • The company is currently owned and run by Lord William Chesterton of Osiris.
  • The ship's crew forms the full employee roster for the company.
  • Company assets include the Guan-Yin II, LRS Tereshkova, LRS Da'rhi, and all of the medical and other equipment on board those vessels.
  • On March 16th, 2531, the Guan-Yin Corporation and it's assets were purchased by Count Salin Fawzy.
  • In 2536, after Count Fawzy defected to the Freedom Movement and the Alliance seized his assets, a group of nobles on Osiris stepped in to take care of the Guan-Yin. They ensured that a proper investigation was run on the ship and company, without delays, and cleared both of any involvement in the War. After that, Lord Chesterton took ownership of the Corporation.