Grey Ashcroft

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Grey Ashcroft
Full name Grey Ashcroft
Birthplace Shadow
Parents Marcus Ashcroft, Melia Ashcroft
Spouse Xian Ashcroft
Children Wen-Qui Ashcroft(Companion), Alexander Rene Ashcroft(Priced Martial arts Fighter)
Assignment Medical Surgeon
Gender Male
Status Married
Education Information

Medical University in Sihnon

Military Service
  • Former:Independents Medical Division(MIA)
  • Former:Alliance 63rd regiment(retired Captain)
Employment History
  • Current:JiaChief Medical Officer
Personal Notes

Medical Notes:During the war, he lost his left leg.


  • Grey Ashcroft has a great personality, he does not look for faults on anyone he meets and greets. His charming smile with perfect white teeth, is always evident on how he looks to others. His manners and his calm sense of talking makes him a perfect doc in bedside manners.He thinks himself a teacher and he will tell tales, pending on what is asked of him, it may be true. Over all, he is out to help others as much as possible and to make it as easily as possible, even if he has to sternly on occation make you see the errors of your ways.


  • This is an older, distinguished man with silver short hair, clean shaven and some wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. He has dark brown eyes but the wisdom behind them and then look of sorrow always seeming to be there. It does not stop the man from smiling with perfect white teeth and a friendly way he shows them. His voice would be friendly, caring and soft spoken, showing the kindness within . As this man walks though there is a slight limp, seeming his left leg does not bend as some should. His average built does not fully stop him from moving fast and efficient if need be.
  • At this moment in time he is wearing simple and comfortable clothing, mostly made of fabric that many of the locals wear and use. A pair of pants dark blue in color and a dark green shirt covering his upper body. All this covered by a sweater made out of cotton and with some old style glyphs around it. At his feet he wears a pair of hikers that are very well worn down to almost having holes, they may not last another month. On one hand this man uses a cane, one to help him walk along, making it easier for all to notice his approach, this style of cane has a simple hook at the end and it looks well used as the dark black color a the handle seems almost gone.

Recent History

  • Two children have grown up, now adults and making a life for themselves. One a Companion, beautiful and known by many of the nobles within the central planets, Wen-Qui , looks a lot like her mother. Alexander Rene Ashcroft became a martial arts expert, known for tournaments around the central planets as and expert and priced fighter, both thinking that their parents long time dead from the war.


  • Grey Ashcroft was born on Shadow to two parents Marcus Ashcroft and Melia Ashcroft. One of three children, the youngest of the three, Sister been the oldest Emilia and brother second eldest Marcus Jr Ashcroft. Parents came from a line of scientists and doctors and through that time had patented pharmaceuticals and where well off and enough to provide for their children and their schooling. They where not nobles but had enough to be accepted within that society.
  • Grey grew up in a nice home, all well and nothing seemed amiss. He attended the Medical University in Sihnon and did well in his studies and in the knowledge of drugs of all types. It was within his schooling he came to fall in love with a young Asian looking woman called Xian Gao. Love was instant and it seemed they where to have a great life together, though her family did not agree with them together, he was not of her kind. Though it was against her families wishes, she stayed with him and soon after she as disowned by them.
  • After going through residencies at the hospital and with some help from his family. Grey and Xian opened up a small medical clinic , giving out as much help as possible, both where known to help and with kindness. Having two children, a small place outside the city, living close to his families homestead. All seems to be going great and well and then war happened.
  • It may have been the turning point in his life, it may not have been or the first of many to his down hill fall. Both himself and his wife joined the Independents but to help out with injuries of the war.
  • The war raged on and Xian left to help out and himself did the same, children stayed with parents and the war ranged on. Grey returned to Shadow, knowing things where not going great. Both him and his wife were to return to Shadow but it was then, that point in time that the things happened. Word spread like fire, the Alliance had arrived over Shadow and people scattered. Grey urged his parents, family to run and take his children with them, he would soon follow.
  • Grey did not make it out, well made it as best as he could but his ship got shot at and came to crash at Lilac. The crash nearly caused him his life, though he lost a leg in that incident, he managed to survive with the help of the rescue party or the locals. The doctor known as Henry, saved his life by using his medical knowledge as best he could and after some time and months of it on his back he recovers. Though by that time, enough to recover the war was to the point where lives where lost on both sides. He knows he may be wanted and within his frail mind then and there decides to stay dead. After the war is over, he stays in the placed that saved his life, he taking over Henry that died from a mysterious illness. So it had been years, years that he can’t recall and he stayed and helped, helped others that came in to hide in the small places on the planet.
  • Then it happens, Reavers as in the stories came down and destroyed, killed, tore, raped and in the end killed after eating, most of the village. Himself and a few others stayed hidden for a couple of days in a well hidden vault of sorts for just the purpose. Once they emerged the town destroyed and most dead, the people decide to move on, leave this place and not to come back. It is at this time, that Grey decides to finally, finally go and see what has happened in his life. He came to see that the Alliance had many good things at this moment in time and so after applying to be a doctor within the Alliance, he was accepted and instantly put to work.
  • Nine years he worked for them and worked well and with no qualms, dedicating himself non stop . Though through his current position in the Alliance he could keep tabs on his children, thinking all the while his wife Xian dead because of the war. Many soldiers come and go and some do not survive and most times the soldiers are hurt because of a war that is over and done with, let bygones be bygones no more hurt, so now he has become upset with the old veteran Independents that still think the war is on, he tries to help them see it is over and to conform. Now he has been transferred to Persephone, allowed for now to work his last year on Persephone, seeing to the injuries of Alliance soldiers.