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THIS CHARACTER IS RETIRED. ICDATE: 17 Jun 2522, pronounced dead at the Temple Pa Kua on Londinium.

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Grey's Player (costume basis for Grey)
Full name Tristan Temporalis
Date of Birth August 17, 2497
Parents Garth and Angelynne Temporalis
Siblings Matieu Temporalis (brother, five years younger)
Spouse None
Assignment Owner, Redemption
Specialization Combat
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark brown eyes, short chestnut hair.
Height and Weight 5'9" (175cm) 185lbs (84kg)
Status DEAD
Education Information
  • University of Londinium
Military Service
  • Alliance Military
Employment History

Grey is the Owner of the Redemption.



  • 2497 - Tristan Temporalis ('Grey') born on Londinium
  • 2502 - Matieu Temporalis (younger brother) born
  • 2506 - Unification War begins. Grey sent to the Temple Pa Kua for disciplinary reasons. Excels in martial arts, earns nickname 'Green Dragon'
  • 2515 - Named successor to Master Lantern. Flees the Temple and becomes an Officer of the Alliance Military
  • 2519 - Honorably Discharged from the Alliance.
  • 2519 - Joins Arctic Raider, renamed Liberty's Redemption.
  • 2519 - Marries Isabella Vega.
  • 2520 - Leaves Arctic Raider, settles down on Newhall with Isabella and Gabriella. Genevieve Temporalis conceived.
  • 2520 - Master Lantern dies, Grey called to the Temple to succeed her and perform the mourning ritual in her honor.
  • 2520 - Genevieve is born. Temple is destroyed, Grey returns to Newhall.
  • 2521 - Purchases the Dragonfly-Class Transport Ship Invictus and becomes her Captain.
  • 2522 - Comandeers the Trans-U Redemption and becomes her Captain.
  • 2522 (March 30) - Official divorce with Isabella.
  • 2522 (May 20) - Official resignation from Captainship.
  • 2522 (June 17) - Pronounced deceased at the Temple Pa Kua.


Message: 5/8, "Death on Londinium" made Sun Mar 09 by Grey:

The backdrop is a serene lakeside Temple, complete with bald-shaven monks in humble garb. Some kneel in meditation in the great hall, which is open, with the pristine lake and lush greenery visible behind them. A gentle breeze blows through like a benediction, before one of the monks - old and wizened - rises to address the capture in Mandarin.

"We are the Temple Pa Kua. We mourn the death of one of our own." The capture falls now to the resting form of Tristan Temporalis, known to most as Grey. He is lying comfortably in the grass, his arms crossed over his chest, clearly dead, wearing the same clothing as the other monks in the Temple, but without a shaved head. "At the Temple he was raised and taught; to the Temple he returned in his hour of need. And here he shall find his eternal peace."

A moment of respectful silence. "We know that he had friends and family abroad, but we do not know who or where they are, or how to contact them. So we shall broadcast the news as such, accessible to all. We will honor him in our way. You may honor him in yours, for he has passed on from this world."

The capture comes away from Grey and back to the monk. "We are the Temple Pa Kua, and we have spoken." With the last word, as if on cue, the other monks begin chanting in a deep, reverberating voice as one, an ancient song of peace.

Pre-PC History

Grey was the firstborn son of Garth and Angelynne Temporalis. Garth Temporalis had been a supervisor for a private merchant fleet for years before the War rolled around; when it did, the company contracted under the Alliance Military, and there was nothing but money to be made from that deal. Once the War ended, Garth had enough money saved to start his own small shipping fleet.

Thus, Grey grew up in a fairly privileged and wealthy household. His younger brother, Matieu, was born when he was five years old. At the age of eight, just after the War began and Garth became more and more involved in the business, Grey was sent to the local temple, the Temple Pa Kua, for education and discipline. There, he was taught the regular school material, as well as martial arts and Taoism.

As Grey spent time at the Temple, he found his calling, showing himself to be incredibly gifted in the art of combat. He excelled in the styles of Wing Chun, She Quan, and Zui Quan, earning himself the nickname, 'Green Dragon'. At the young age of eighteen, he was named the successor to Master Lantern, eliciting shock from everyone at the Temple - including himself. Unable to deal with the burden of responsibility, knowing that Lantern was soon to die, he fled from the Temple and joined the Alliance Military.

His decision to leave the Temple and join the military was also heavily influenced by his family. His parents were devout Christians, who had sent him to the Temple for disciplinary reasons - they did not suspect that living, learning, and training there would turn their son into a Taoist. Religious differences had chafed the relationship between parents and son until it became intolerable; atop that, Matieu had fallen into a local syndicate and was a drug dealer and abuser. So Grey decided to leave Londinium behind and start a new life.

He earned a commission with the Alliance and was a pilot officer for four years. During those four years, he was promoted once and shoved out of the way of important work for being too vocal and difficult. At the age of 22, he struck out on Newhall to earn his way on his own, disillusioned with the Alliance Government. He adopted the moniker 'Grey' instead of using his name, and cut off all contact with anyone from his previous life.

The name 'Grey' was chosen for its apparent lack of qualities - a bland, nondescript, and neutral color, lacking definition or vibrancy. He wanted to become the proverbial greyman and free himself from his previous identity. Little did he know that the name would come to be well-known in the 'Verse.

PC History

A mere few days into roaming Newhall, Grey ran into the pirate crew of the Arctic Raider. It was there that he had the encounter with Ivy Cooper, who shot off his right ear. They didn't cross paths again until weeks later on Persephone, where Ivy declared that Grey would be joining her command. Resistance proved to be futile, and Grey eventually signed on as the Chief Midshipman aboard the pirate vessel, renamed Liberty's Redemption.

In the months following, Ivy, Acting Captain in absence of Captain Frost Rasnik, disappeared from view, and Grey found himself shouldering more responsibility on the ship. With no clear command structure left, and himself the only one able to pilot the ship, he took charge of piloting and cargo operations as well as recruiting and security. During that time, he also earned himself some attention as a fighter and a gambler, winning a few tournaments on Persephone.

During this time, Grey had been romantically involved with Doctor Lirin Dumont, then of the Red Angel, now of the Dark Dragon. That relationship ended with no small amount of turbulence, which threw Grey in a long period of despondency and depression.

What brought him back around eventually was the Chief Corsair of the ship, Isabella Vega - when she suffered a serious injury and fell comatose, Grey was always watching by her side and worrying for her health. When she came to again, she began to act strangely, even becoming suicidal or homicidal at times, further requiring his supervision and attention.

Through a long and arduous journey, with Grey coming to Isabella's rescue more than once, the two fell in love. On April 17, 2520, they were married at the Temple Pa Kua on Londinium.

Shortly thereafter, Grey, Isabella, and Gabriella (Isabella's daughter by her first husband, Valerius Vega) left the Arctic Raider and settled down on Newhall to take care of Vega Enterprises and raise their family. Their second daughter, Genevieve Temporalis, was already conceived by this point. But after only a short time after leaving the Arctic Raider, Grey was called upon by the Temple Pa Kua to return and perform the mourning ritual for the passing of Master Lantern, and to teach the students in her stead, as he was named her successor.

Leaving his pregnant wife and infant daughter behind on Newhall to fulfill his duty, Grey went to the Temple. He was there six months before a sudden attack on the Temple occurred, during which everything was burnt to the ground, and most of the students and teachers at the Temple were killed. Grey escaped with his life to return to Newhall.

Grey spent time recovering on Newhall, making frequent trips to the hospital on Ariel to see his newborn daughter Genevieve, who was born on November 18, 2520 - dangerously underweight and far ahead of schedule. After Genevieve was brought home, Grey bought a Dragonfly-Class Transport Ship which he named the Invictus, and began gathering a crew.

On 25 Jan 2522, the Invictus was lost in space over Whitefall. During these events, Grey and his crew were able to secure the ship 'Ephemeral', christened on 27 Jan 2522 as the Redemption. The crew continued their journeys on the 'devil ship', stolen from Reavers. On 30 March 2522, however, Grey learned something that would change his life forever.

The woman he had believed to be Isabella was not who she claimed to be. The Isabella he had married was now Lareina Pirata, the Pirate Queen; the woman posing to be his wife was a look-alike who had been put up to the part. Isabella had returned to the pirates during Grey's absence at the Temple Pa Kua, and stayed as Frost's wife. Having been informed of this by Lareina herself, he told her to take the children and that he never wanted to see her or any trace of her again. 'Isabella' was left planetside to find her own way. The official divorce documents were filed, Vega Enterprises was dissolved, with half of the liquidation of assets going to Grey and the other half to Isabella.

On 20 May 2522, Grey retired from Captainship of the Redemption, passing on the torch to his then-First Mate, Alabaster Smith. Choosing to take the LRS Defiant as his vessel, he decided that he would better serve his function in the capacity of Owner, not Captain; he opted instead to focus his efforts on chartering the Accord, an alliance between independent, freelancer ships for their protection and prosperity.

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