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Full name Gregory Holmes
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 1.88 m, 83 kg
Status Inactive


IC Public Information

A man that has spent the last few years on the rim worlds drifting from job to job. A cook, a handyman, the man seems to be gloomy and joyless in desperate agony despite being a quick learner and thinker.

Short Description

IC Public Information

The man wears a head of short hair, evenly trimmed for rim world standards. Two scimitar shaped brows hang above his dark eyes with a piercing gaze. His thin red lips are a stark contrast to both his pale skin and his rough stubby chin.

Current Employment

IC Public Information

Recently Gregory has been seen traveling with the crew on the Zhonglong, part of the Tienlong Fleet.



IC Private Information/Rumors/Urban Legends

  • It is said that Gregory can fry eggs with one hand while shooting a man's off with another.
  • It is said that Gregory has a sweet fedora on his head, a chip on his shoulder, and some food in his hands.