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Gregor Malken
Gregor Malken 3.jpg
Full name Gregor Malken
Date of Birth (undisclosed)
Birthplace Beaumonde
Parents Yorgi Malken & Ilyena Zoyaza
Siblings Anushka (younger sister, deceased)
Spouse (undisclosed)
Children (undisclosed)
Specialization (undisclosed)
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green Eyes, Brown Hair
Height and Weight 6'5", 220 lbs
Education Information


Employment History

Ugly Duck Corporation (current)


Gregor is a 6'5" athletically built man with long brown hair. His eyes are a dark, verdant green. He wears his angular cheekbones shaven and a carefully cropped van dyke on his upper lip and squared chin. For the most part, though, his features are unremarkable; aside from his height he doesn't strike a particularly imposing figure. His hands are heavy and calloused, obviously hands that know their work. He prefers dark colors in his choice of clothing, which is usually either practical and durable, or traditional and ceremonial.


Every person who adheres to a belief structure strongly enough to call it a 'religion' interprets their responsibility to the tenants of those beliefs differently. Gregor is, in broad terms, Daoist. The strictures he places upon himself in regards to that simple statement are ephemeral at best. He believes in Tao (The Way, the will of the universe) and follows Te (living in congruency with Tao, not fighting the universe). He also views the major selling points of Daoism as worthy ideas (Wu Wei, Kindness, Simplicity, Modesty), but feels no compunction to spread those beliefs to others. Gregor 'became' Daoist simply because it forced him to be a better person, not out of any spiritual calling, though he is always willing to offer advice or instruction to those who seek it.


Gregor was born and reared on Beaumonde, city of New Dunsmuir. His parents, Yorgi (an engineer) and Ilyena (a teacher), were good hard-working people. His younger sister was deaf, so the family spoke a mixture of Russian and sign language. Due to his mother's influence he was a voracious reader, and hungrily consumed every book he could find about Earth-That-Was. His imagination was constantly peopled with the politics, religions, governments and wars of our progenitors. At a very young age, his sister Anushka wandered into the edge of a crossfire unawares, and was struck by a stray bullet. Her death was painful and slow, and etched deep wounds in the entire family. His mother was never the same. And his father became extremely reclusive.

Growing up among the factories and processing plants of the outlying areas of the city, Gregor fell in with the criminal element at a fairly young age. He rarely allowed himself to be involved in the more banal sort of criminality, but he found that being larger and smarter than the other boys led to nearly constant fights. He became a scrapper out of necessity, not desire. To pay the bills he took on a number of dock-work jobs, several times in a management capacity. As time passed Gregor made a local name for himself as an unlicensed fighter. His record (37-3 upon retirement) attracted the attention of unsavory characters, and he was unwillingly recruited into the deep recesses of New Dunsmuir's criminal underbelly.

What happened to him in the intervening years, what he'd seen and done, is not public record. Rarely if ever does Gregor speak about that part of his life. What matters is that eventually he came out the other side with a firm grasp of Daoism and an urgent desire to leave Beaumonde behind and start a life out in the wide 'verse.

Taking it upon himself to find work, he found a recruitment advert for Ugly Duckling Corporation and made his way to Siverhold. He was hired on and is quickly finding his niche at UDC.

Skills and Interests

  • Musical Instrument / Mandolin
  • Social Mixology / Bartending
  • Martial Arts / Wing Chun

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