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Full name Gil Crane
Assignment Beau's Geek
Gender Male


A man of short stature, most likely standing around five feet, three inches tall. He could not possibly weigh much over a hundred pounds given his slim build. His skin is rather pale, a man who hasn't seen sunlight on a regular basis. He has a prominent brow with short, cropped dark brown hair. His eyes are rather wide - like that of a bug - and blue in color with two neatly trimmed brown eyebrows over them. His ears are rather large, but fitting for his head, with the lobes detached. His nose is long and slender and his light pink lips thin. He has no facial hair except for a faint, dark circle around his mouth where the color of his hair stands out from beneath his skin.

His clothes are simple. A black, long sleeve crew neck sweater covers the top of his body while a pair of ill-fitting khaki cargo pants covers his legs. The legs of the pants fall down to the tops of a pair of black boots that don't appear to have seen much dirt. He doesn't wear any jewelry, but each of his numerous pant pockets seem to be filled with something.