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Full name Gerald Larson
Date of Birth Approx 20.Oct.2485
Birthplace Unknown
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse N/A
Children Unknown
Assignment Operations, Arctic Raider II
Specialization Engineering
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green; Brown
Height and Weight 6'2"; 190 lbs.
Status Inactive
Education Information


Military Service



Gerry is a man that doesn't give too terribly much thought to his appearance. He's often smudged with grease and has his hair ruffled up for one reason or another. At a well built six foot two, with gray-green eyes and dark brown hair that sometimes seems black, Gerry is quite capable of cleaning up nicely should the mood or necessity strike him. His clothes tend toward casual, usually not anything he's not willing to get dirty, with jeans, a t-shirt and boots the basis of his wardrobe.


Gerry was born on a pirate ship. That might be cool but he was only a couple of months old before the Alliance caught up to the ship and imprisoned his parents. He was placed in foster care but, for one reason or another, was never able to find a home that would adopt him permanently. He changed homes a lot until he was finally old enough that people stopped caring about him running away. A 'job' (that mostly just kept the kid fed) in a parts and repair shop quickly uncovered his natural knack for working with all things mechanical.

As he matured, his interests strayed more toward women and booze, even the occasional man, open-minded and experimental creature that he was. He discovered a lot about himself in those years and he discovered even more about himself when he joined the Independent forces against the Allied in the Unification War.

He did a lot in that time that he wasn't proud of and some that will haunt him for the rest of his life. He's never quite been the same after the war but when it was all over, he went back to roots that he doesn't even know he had and hitched a ride on a freelance pirate ship for awhile, keeping her afloat. Eventually the crew dumped him on Persephone. (tbc)