Gerald Tennyson

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Gerald Tennyson
Full name Gerald Adrian Tennyson
Date of Birth May 12th, 2470
Parents Alfred (Father, d.) & Lynnda (Mother, d.)
Siblings Amanda (Sister, b. 2474)
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment None.
Specialization Armsmaster (Cerifications with explosives, infantry, artillery (planetary & orbital), and special-class weapons); Level 3 Alliance Computer clearance
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Light Blue/Gray
Height and Weight 5'11"/ 197 lbs
Education Information

Aerial Academy of Medical Science - PhD, MicoBiology;
New Ariel University - BS, Computer Programming & Engineering.

Military Service

Gunnery Sergent 1st Class, Alliance (Retired, July 2511); Assignments of Note:
Project Head: Operation Lulliby, Hera
Senior Arms Master: IAV Cerberus (served with honors for roll in the orbital bombardment of Shadow)

Employment History
  • Current: None

Operation: Lulliby

Due to growing concern over the campaign on the Murphy sector world of Hera, Top Brass have elected to start enacting several programs to see to it that all contingencies are in place depending on certain outcomes. I have been assigned the task that, should the campaign on Hera go to the Independents of finding a way to pacify the entire world without it turning into another Shadow. Orbital bombardment with Nuclear armorments isn't the answer, the shock and awe is too overwhelming that it only bolstered the moral of our opposition, like boxing a wild animal into a corner. A different approach is required, one that would leave little trace of Alliance envolvement. This is my proposal to the Council: a biological attack utilizing the pre-exsisting terraforming platform on Hera to unleash an airborn blight. The blight would have to be engineered to attack to all kinds of plantlife, resistant to most common antibiotics, airborn, designed to survive for externded periods of time outside of its host. My team and I will look to numerous bacterial strains and start our work from there.
Report; Gunnery Sergent, 1st class Tennyson

Medical Condition

After careful examination by the Alliance Medical Board, we find that Gunnery Sergent, 1st class, Gerald Alfred Tennyson to be psychologically unfit for duty. The trauma of surviving the bombardment of Serenity Valley has left Tennyson suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia, as he had admitted to the dellusion that those who died in the Murphy Sector during 'the War' are communicating to him. Due to his exstensive training and knowledge, it is our reccomendation to the Council that Gerald Tennyson be medically retired from active duty, and committed to the Psychiatric Wing of the Deadwood Penal Colony.
Report; Alliance Medical Evaluation; July, 2511

Transport Record

Due to signs of improved psychological stability, it has been cleared to have inmate Gerald Tennyson relocated from Deadwood Penal Colony psychiatric wing to the Behavioral Health center at Aerial General Hospital. The flight path will include a fuel stop on Bullet to ensure the shuttle will arrive at its intended destination in a timely manner.
Report: Warden; Deadwood Penal Colony; May 2526