Geoff Foyle

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Full name Geoff Foyle
Date of Birth Unknown
Parents ???
Siblings ???
Spouse Unwed
Children none
Assignment none
Specialization Violence
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown Hair, Black Eyes
Height and Weight 6'5", 230 lbs.
Status Inactive
Education Information

No formal education known.

Military Service

No record of military service.

Employment History

Several stints as a shiphand and security officer on several ships. Allegedly involved in several illegal endeavors in the past, but is not presently wanted in connection with a crime.

Geoff Foyle is a sometimes outlaw and spacer known for his imposing stature and "blunt instrument" approach to problem solving. He is not generally thought to be a nice man.


Geoff Foyle has been a known face on several fringe worlds for the past ten or fifteen years. Known for his brutish behavior and flexible morality, Foyle has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to survive difficult situations and has on several occasions been the sole survivor of one mishap or another. Considered strictly "small-time", he has worked a string of odd jobs, mostly relating to harming people or being prepared to harm people, both legally and otherwise. His temper and tendency to pummel people who disagree with him have earned him a reputation as a bully and thug; on several outlying worlds he is known for his involvement in savage saloon brawls and assorted dirty jobs. Though Foyle is known to have served on several ships over the years, he is notorious for not sharing personal details, and no one knows his planet of origin.


Foyle is apparently an extraordinarily simple man not blessed with an excess of intelligent thought. Though sometimes boisterous, he often keeps to himself and uses the threat of physical violence to get his way, and tends to think strictly in the short-term, going from job to job in an effort to get by. Big, dumb, tough, and loyal if well-paid, but as with most brutes, greed and anger seem to be his greatest weaknesses.


The man before you is a brute -- a gorilla of a man. Well over six feet tall and built like a barrel, Foyle is brawny and tanned lightly. His features are more like a bulldog's than a man, with shaved dark hair and unruly stubble, with wide-apart brown eyes and a broad nose. He's dressed simply, in a pair of beaten up trousers, boots, and a brown shirt with the sleeves cut out. Heavy armbands wrap each arm, one of which contains a rudimentary timepiece.