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Geist Top
Class Heavy Frigate
Crew Capacity 30 officers + 350 spacehands
Cargo Capacity 800 tons + 4 MULE + 2 Shuttle + Fighters
Top Speed (1380)2760
Command Crew
Piloting Crew
  • Pilot: Caelin
  • Co-Pilot: Unassigned
Engineering Crew
Security Crew
Medical Crew

The Ship

Standing at some one-hundred ten feet high, Seven-hundred twenty feet long nose to tail, and three-hundred feet wide is the MilSpec Heavy Frigate class vessel, Outlaw Star. The powerful lines and smooth armor plating give this ship an imposing silhouette, whether cutting through the Black or docked at any port or station. It has been sleekly stylized so that the inboard thrusters are close to the hull and the outboard thrusters are further away, along the span of the stabilizing wings. All of which are placed upon a gradient hydraulic system that enabled them to be more maneuverable and less boisterous given the sheer scale of the structures. The main engines are at the very aft of the vessel where six large ports are visible, allowing a slight glance at the innards of the modified Allison SL3 Enhanced engines that drive this vagrant beast. There are two more boosters towards the front that work in conjunction with the thrusters and main drives for added stability, maneuverability, and atmospheric thrust.

The nose of the ship tapers into a point and is then dropped down into what is referred to by crew as the 'Bayonette' which houses the ships primary bridge. The Command Bridge is a wall of windows that span 180 degrees across the width of the large ship, providing excellent visuals for the crew, and is nestled underneath a large duel-barreled kinetic cannon. Further up the dorsal lines of the ship, towards its aft, is another domed glow from the secondary Command Bridge, which has a complete 360 degree and houses the controls for the ship's defenses. Hardpoints are numerous across the strapping vessel and it seems like, for the most part, they are left vacant unless in need of heavy firepower and could possibly have concealable weaponry installed. The ship is colored in a matte navy with subtle red and white pin-striping to highlight certain areas of interest. Large sweeping letters of the same red tell of the ship's namesake and benefactor organization along either side of the hull.

Outlaw Star Bottom

The History

In the late 25th century, plans for a more modernized frigate were drafted in an attempt to gain another contract with the Alliance from Ares Shipyard LLC. The vessel in question was a work of art by industry standards but due to its high production cost and relativity to a battle cruiser, the project never got the backing it required to enter full-scale production as it was much cheaper and faster to roll out the cruisers. It's said that there are some prototypes of various caliber out in the Verse, most of which need to be completely restored or renovated in order to even be close to operational.

The heavy frigate that would later become the Geist started as the flagship for the projected production of the new ship class. It seems that by chance, the CEO of Phoenix Company came across the dilapidated remnants of the vessel upon a nearby planet to the Ares Shipyard, Boros. Shortly thereafter PC's primary operations ship, a Shark Corvette with the same namesake was totally stripped and scraped out for every credit possible and most of the consortium's resources pooled into the new renovation project.

The entire project took nearly a year but the outcome was a ship that is much more capable than the much smaller corvette, in nearly every way. There was no expense spared as only the most advanced technical and mechanical components were used in the reconstruction of the rare bird. The finale is the current: Geist. It has seen some interior renovation since being put into official service but the fact remains, it's a one of a kind.