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Gatrius Kriloe
Full name Gatrius Kriloe
Assignment File Missing
Gender Male
Status Active

Gatrius Kriloe Image Courtesy of Reilly's Player and his photoshop expertise.


This man has light brown hair that is cleanly kept atop his head, cut in a layered fashion and (at best guess) about three inches in length all over. He keeps it out of his eyes just by parting it down the middle. He wears a short sleeve black t-shirt with blue jeans kept up with a grey leather belt.
Broad shoulders are hidden underneath a light-brown faded leather jacket that dons patches of a military unit long forgotten from the ranks of Beylix.
His boots are the same fashion, but kept clean, and a more recent version of light grey leather boots. Civilian form of military issue boots. Light brown eyes, and a clean kept short beard that is clean shaven below the jawline. In his somewhat odd leisure attire-(Photo 3). When younger, he could often be seen with a goatee, and on occasion nowadays he does as well-(Photo 2). Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3

Personal Information

Age:21 years Height: 5'11" Weight: 210 Home planet: Beylix


Before the age of 7-8, family lived poor but happy, tending to a farm to survive, loving family keeping ties strong. Father worked the farm, Gatrius helped out where he could. Mother tended to cooking and mainting order and discipline throughout the house, firm but fair. War came. His father was called to fight for their homeworld's freedom and independence, leaving behind one possession for Gatrius when he died. A brown leather jacket with his father's unit insignia sewn onto the shoulder. Gatrius' mother died about six years after that, leaving him on his own. He scraped by, learning how to shoot a rifle from his father at a young age gave him the basis for using one for the age old art of killing. He is now working on the ship Tienlong, and making ends meet by doing Sentry work. In the off time he has, he is out looking for possible bounties he could cash in. And definitely cooking /all/ the time.