Gaston Lapin Marceau

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Gaston Lapin Marceau
Full name Gaston Lapin Marceau,
Born Remy Lapin
Date of Birth 12/28/2496
Parents Etienne and Claudia Marceau
Siblings None
Spouse None
Assignment Public Liason, Sulchar Baobh
Specialization Entrepreneur, Unique Business Ventures
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel Eyes, Sandy Brown Hair
Height and Weight 6'0",
185 lbs
Status Active

Gaston Marceau has been on his own since age 16, unable to stomach the uppity lifestyle of the noble family he was adopted into on Ariel. Since that time, he's become an adept scavenger, and a little bit of a con man to boot. But if you need something, Marceau can get way or another...


Gaston Marceau

Gaston Marceau stands approximately six feet tall, with a sandy brown hair that perfectly compliments his hazel. Appearing to be in his mid to late twenties, Marceau has a bit of a ruggedly handsome look about him, and can be quite charming when he chooses to be. A light beard frames his face that is kept well trimmed most of the time. The man always seems to have a relaxed, easy going demeanor, although a high intelligence is reflected in his eyes, which are always looking about to take in everything they can at any given moment.

The man has a sturdy, toned physique...while not overly ripped or built up, he appears to have made the most use of the muscle mass he has, giving him a well toned and slightly chiseled look. Marceau is currently dressed to travel, but seems fairly well off given his choice of dress. Tailored navy blue pants are tucked into well shined leather work boots. He also wears a sky blue high collared shirt with a teal colored vest to accent the ensemble. When outdoors, Marceau completes the outfit with a black suede overcoat that comes to just an inch or two off the ground. A well packed duffel is slung easily over his right shoulder while the man heads off to find whatever life throws at him next.


Born on December 28, 2496 to parents regrettably unable to pay for the appropriate medical expenses, Remy Lapin was given into the care of an orphanage on Ariel. Approximately seven years later, he was adopted by a noble husband and wife by the name of Etienne and Claudia Marceau, and given the name Gaston. The Marceaus up to this point had been unable to have a child of their own and procceeded to raise Gaston as if he were a full blooded Marceau. He had all the benefits and priviliges to a future heir of a noble family in the Core, but he remembered enough of his life at the orphanage to not be able to fully integrate with the new lifestyle. One of the turning points in Gaston's life was being sent to a very posh private school on Londinium, the thought being that associasting with other young 'noblemen' about his age would help him better adapt. He learned the usual dance, music, language, history, fencing...the typical cultured, classical education. The attitudes of the other students only fueld Gaston's discontentment further...he couldn't grasp the fact that he was 'better' than everyone else just because he was part of a noble family. As the teenage years hit, arguments with the family increased, that Gaston finally up and left home at age sixteen. Despite the philosophical differences, his adoptive parents lent a bit of support for his move financially, since Gaston had yet to do anything to publicly embarrass the family; rather than go through the cycle of rumors and loss of face that disowning a ward would bring about, the Marceaus let their adopted son go to seek his own fortunes.

Gaston has been on his own for approximately ten years now, and he's used his experiences as an adopted noble to his advantage. In higher circles, his name gets him the attention of certain high powered individuals who can get him work, or be willing to pay for his other services. In the lower echelons of society, the noble 'smoothness' he's developed gives him knowledge of how to talk to people to achieve what he wants. He's a bit of a ham with his charm and skill in certain and so forth...when it comes to women, so he's been able to find his fair share of companionship as well. Since Gaston has taken such a personal interest in the social injustices inherent in the current world, he tends to pay attention to the needs and situations of those around him, all the better to get close enough to run a scam, or perform some favor or other that keeps money in the coffers or gives him some sort of marker to achieve his next objective. Essentially, Gaston tries to have one job, search, procurement, or outright con lead into the your next employer or mark while fulfilling his commitment to the current situation. Most recently, after assisting a Persephone noble in covering up a slightly uncouth mistake made by his daughter, a friendly fencing match resulted in the suggestion that Gaston take up teaching the art of fencing to the multitude of young nobles throughout the system...fencing and the pursuit of honor being a dying art and all. With that being a possibility a bit too large in scale for Marceau to pull off on his own, he is seriously starting to consider becoming less of a loner and start working with others for a change.

Marceau cares a great deal about his reputation and how he is perceived by others, almost to the point of an obsessive compulsion. IE, if hes trying to get a high ranking businessman or noble's attention, he dresses as high class as he can, doing his best to look the part. For the more underworldly types, like Badger, for existance, the nicer end of the common style of clothing. He is quite picky about always looking his best in the context of whatever situation he's in. Beyond that, he takes great pains in his public image and reputation, since that directly affects the marks and clients he'll be able to drum up. In the end, it's made him a bit of a self taught public relations expert as well.

Recent Events

March 2523: Joined the crew of the Sulchar Baobh as a Public Liason.