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This is OOC Information.

Full name
  • Freedom Marcus Garvey
Date of Birth
  • October 17, 2489
  • Father: Thomas Garvey
  • Mother: Livia Garvey


  • Unmarried
  • None
  • Engineer
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Brown Eyes
  • Brown hair, long dreadlocks
Height and Weight
  • 6'2"
  • 175
  • Active
Education Information
  • Home Schooled
Military Service
Employment History
  • Pirate Commonwealth
Personal Notes



Garvey is a lanky man, maybe 6'2", and fairly thin. He has brown eyes, dark brown skin, and long dreadlocks reaching almost to his lower back. He has various things worked into his dreadlocks including rings and baubles, and he's just starting to get a bit of salt and pepper growing in at the base of his dreads. A mosaic of tribal tattoo art can be seen with his shirt off, or peaking out from neck and sleeves when dressed.

Garvey is typically wearing cargo pants, tucked in to combat boots, with various bits and pieces of the techie trade poking out from the many, many pockets. He wears an old, but clean tank top, and sometimes a parka style jacket that hangs down to his knees when he's outdoors in even slightly cool weather. Additionally, Garvey is almost always accompanied by the scent of ganja wafting in the air about him, from his hair, his clothes, etc.


Garvey was born and raised to the Rasta way of life, and anyone who is familiar with those ideas could recognize it right away. He's proud of where he comes from and he's not afraid to show it. He is also typically positive, upbeat, and also probably high.


Garvey was born and raised on a Firefly which was jointly owned by several Rastafarian families who wanted to keep their distance from the Alliance, which they openly, and vocally view as Babylon incarnate. When they heard about the formation of the Pirate Commonwealth, they joined up right at the beginning. All of the adults, including Garvey (in his early thirties), offered their various services. Garvey's parents could teach piloting and astrogation, while Garvey himself was an excellent technician and mechanic.

Good as he was, Garvey was assigned to maintenance crews, and quickly moved in to supporting the Commonwealth's illegal salvage jobs. It was on one of these jobs however, that Garvey and the whole crew got pinched by the Alliance. Garvey was too busy keeping the engine together during their failed attempt to flee, so he missed out on the worst of the firefight as well. He went on to spend 6 years in APC-113 on Lazarus and has only recently been released, having served his sentence.

RP Hooks

  • Done Time?
    Garvey did 6 years in prison. Did you meet there?
  • PC Family
    Garvey's mom, dad, and the extended group on the Firefly he grew up on have all integrated into the world of New Tortuga. You might have even learned Piloting or Astrogation from Mr. or Mrs. Garvey (his mom and pop).
  • In the rear, with the gear
    Garvey's pretty darn talented at fixing ships and engines. Go see him if you have tech/mech concerns.
  • Got dope?
    Garvey is /aways/ holding, and he has no problem sharing.