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Full name Garnet
Parents Contested
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Amber / Brown-Red
Height and Weight 5'2" / 98 lbs
Status Inactive


This withering flower stands at five foot two after a life of constant devastation; however, soft waves of autumnal hair refuse to lose life, and fall fully, casting her face in shadow. Even in distress her youthful appearance and Spanish ancestry result in a sort of classic beauty, which, as a piece of artwork lost in time, seems never to be without some bruise, some imperfection which attempts to mar the sight however unsuccessfully. Wide amber eyes, keenly slanted, gaze with deep immensity from beneath elongated eyelashes accompanied by a subtle nose and full lips that somehow manage to purse into a smile in spite of everything they've been put through.

Clearly clothing is not something this young girl is known for, as she's dressed simply in a cloth around her waist, made from an old jumpsuit and a ragged and cut off shirt of the same. Sleeveless the fabric shows off thin shoulders and delicate arms that are cut, scared and bruised. In truth scars and bruises crisscross her whole back in such a way to give an exotic look, if not for the dirt. Her legs are bare as well, and her feet hold an old pair of very beat up boots.