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Full name Gaden Niel Socerdos
Parents Ashley and Martin Socerdos. ((ALIVE.))
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Morality Police, Tienlong
Specialization Living.
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, blonde hair.
Height and Weight 5'6 - 146 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Not so much.
Military Service
  • Alliance. 1 Term.

Brief Background

Gaden 'Madeye' Socerdos is a unique individual. He's been called a lot of things. Murderer, Preacher, Drunkard, Savage, Gunslinger, and even a Lover. Through and Through, Gaden is nothing more than a wolf in a man's skin. Woe to those who would hurt his pack...


Standing at 5'6 this figure isn't very imposing. He is wearing black cargo pants, and a black long sleeved shirt. On his feet are a pair of red converse sneakers. However, something seems to about this individual, is it the crazed look in the blue eyes? The unkempt blonde hair? Or perhaps the lazy grin?

Current Whereabouts

MIA, Last Seen Wandering the Black, if seen, please return to Tienlong