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Gabrielle Demidov
Full name Gabrielle 'Pussy' Demidov (age 38)
Date of Birth August 3rd, 2485
Birthplace Not on file
Parents Not on file
Siblings Not on file
Assignment White Star, Cabin Girl
Specialization Engineer
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Black hair, light-green eyes
Height and Weight 5'4", 120 lbs
Status Inactive


Served in the Independents for most of the war, raising through the ranks from a private to Master Sergeant. Joined with her then fiancée Thomas. Her fiancée was killed a week before there scheduled wedding, which according to testimonies from service seemed to severely unbalance her, despite that, she continued to serve in the war with a distinguished service. After the war, on the recommendation of several of her own squad members, she was captured and placed into a Medical Facility were she could be monitored.

Alliance Medical Facility on Ariel

Subject Gabrielle Demidov, who shall hence forth be referred to as Subject B314C5, was brought into this medical facility shortly after the war of Independence. The subject had experienced major trauma during the course of the war, and was very unstable. Subject was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Syndrome shortly thereafter. Subject B314C5 had a number of different personalities, due to the length the sickness went unnoticed and to the trauma that she had occurred.

  • Personality 1: This personality seemed to be as near as we could tell to be the subject’s personality before the start of the war. Quite possibly the most stable of all her personalities, mental health wise, but unfortunately the least dominant.
  • Personality 2: Personality 2 seemed to be a moderation of the two extremes of the subject’s first and third personalities. This personality exhibits slight tendencies towards paranoia, and a definite dislike of Alliance Personal. Though she manages to act sane most of the time, there are moments in which her paranoia and schizophrenia do break through.
  • Personality 3: The third personality is the wildest of them all, and seems to be the most dominant. The subject is highly paranoid, her schizophrenia showing quite clearly, and with as little provocation as possible. The subject shows symptoms of having a phobia to Alliance Personal, though she doesn’t seem to shirk away in fear, so much as that the more the exist to her, the angrier that she gets.

Subject B314C5 was admitted for various treatments, though they seemed to calm her first and second personalities, it did little for her third personality. Her case was deemed irreparable, and she was sent off when her first personality seemed to have regain dominance.

Further Notes

  • Gabrielle Demidov is suspected in a few cases of Assault on an Alliance Officer on Rim planets.
  • The Luxury Liner White Star has her registered on their pay list for tax purposes as a Cabin Girl.

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The woman before you stands about somewhere between five foot and six feet tall, though she leans towards the five foot end of the spectrum, and looks to weight around one hundred and twenty pounds. Her frame is skinny but well muscles, not popping out of her skin, but there. Her black hair is cut to shoulder length as it frames her face. Her eyes are a light green, that sparkles intelligently, her nose is petite and has a small up curve to it. Her lips are full and have a slight pout to them. Her cheekbones are light and delicate, but their sharpness gives an indication of strength.

Her arms are not hugely muscled, but well toned and anned. Her body is lithe and her legs are as long and delicate as the rest of her. Her torso curves in all the right places, but not overly curvy. Her body is really on the wrong side of developed, and is petite as the rest of her. However, her limbs are long and her arms lead to hands that can truly be called the hands of an artist. Always present is a metallic band, about an inch high, which hugs itself around the woman's neck, so tight that it could possibly choke her.