Gabriella Mortania

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In Memory Of Gabriella Dawn Mortania

"And I will write her name and cast it to the sky. As precious moments will slip away in time. Angels fall from grace, and sometimes heroes die but tonight, my love, ascend the gates, release the dragonfly."

Gabriella Mortania
Full name Gabriella Dawn Mortania
Assignment Engineering, Invictus
Specialization Data Security
Gender Female
Status Deceased


Short Conceptual: Angels tread where fools fear to go? While no angel, she does relish in pushing the boundaries, and digging into the streaming data that is (at least in her opinion) what makes up the true entity of the 'verse. A skilled computer tech and 'data investigation expert', she is also skilled in systems repair and upgrades.


Pre-PC History

PC History

RP Logs

Character Description

     She stands at an average 5'5", her form waifish; boyish in shape. While of obviously 
Chinese descent, the features of her face are narrow and angular, creating an immediate 
impression of fragility that is only accentuated by the slightly over-long limbs and slender
frame. Her face is decorated with by a large number of piercings; two silver hoops on her left
eyebrow, a diamond stud through her right nostril, a hoop through her lower lip on the left 
side, six piercings on each ear, four up the lobe and two through the cartilage. Her almond 
shaped eyes are framed by a thin line of kohl done egyptian style and dark metallic blue and 
purple eye shadow accents above the eyes; which are themselves an icy white, ringed by a thin 
electric blue rim. The front half of her hair is held back in three dozen corn rows to past the 
tips of her ears; from there, it falls back in jagged layers from shoulder to ass. The orignal
color of black is mingled with violent chunks of purple, blue and white.

     She wears a wife-beater under a black hoodie which has seen better days, the 
word 'fearless' barely visible down one sleeve. Fishnet gloves of blue stretch from knuckles to
wrists, and a black skirt accented with criss-crossed threads of blue and purple hugs her hips 
and hangs to mid-thigh. Blue leggings cover her legs and are patched with a splash of silver 
fabric over one knee, ending in knee-high combat style boots with four inch platform rubber 
soles, laced with what appears to be electrical wire.

Last Will & Testament

The Last Will and Testament of Gabriella Mortania (aka Lin Mae Cho)

Written and Witnessed on October 30, 2521

In regards to the personal items and possessions of Gabriella Mortania, to be released at the time of her death.

To Anastasiya Mihailov, XO of the Tienlong-

To Ana, I hereby leave the following personal belongings: Stuffed teddy bear, and engraved zippo. My dearest Anastasiya, to I offer the item that offered both myself and my daughter comfort in the darkness, in hopes that you and yours will be able to find the same. I also offer you a way to find your way in that same said darkness, with a reminder that even at the darkest part of the night, an angel may find her wings.

To Alabaster Smith, First Mate of the Invictus-

To preacher man, I leave two items: One onyx and silver rosary, and one personal journal. May you know that I leave you in peace, and that I shall never forget the comfort you offered in my darkest hours.

To Wren Pearson, Hydroponics Engineer of the Invictus-

To Wren, I leave the remainder of my personal belongings, to divvy as she sees fit. To include, but not limited to the following items: All clothing, jewelry and personal hygiene effects; two round silver cases, and the contents within, specifically two strands of hair bound by ribbon; leather bound book, “Collections of Fairy Tales and Myths”. May you find a way to keep your monsters at bay.

Gabriella Mortania
Full name Reyanna Stewart, daughter of Lin Mae Cho a.k.a. Gabby