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Current photo.

Full name Gabriella Irena Papov
Date of Birth Unlisted
Parents Derek and Meredith Papov
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Bored
Specialization Firearms
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, dark brown hair
Height and Weight 5'7", 129lbs
Status Inactive

Rushing through 30, getting older every day
By two, drawing pictures of innocent times
Can you add.. color.. inside these lines?!

I want you to lead me
Take me somewhere
Don’t want to live in a dream one more day

- Come Clarity by In Flames


A native of Bernadette, Gabriella had a rather uneventful childhood. A few rough patches during her teens managed to effectively steel her nerve enough, though it didn't harden her as is seen all too often in some. The only real records of her to show up in any databases are an application to a law enforcement academy on Osiris at 18 and then nothing. No record of graduation, either. For the following ten or so years, Gabi managed to stay off the radar for the most part. There were spotty references to her in random organized crime files deep inside the Cortex at INTERPOL that list her simply as a 'known associate' of a few unsavory people. In the past four or five years, she has been hanging around (and rarely photographed) the Core inside and outside of various events and high-profile galas. However, her face became plastered across the Cortex one day in a frantically filmed incident: Gabriella was involved in a large shootout within Hera's spaceport where she was purported to have broken up the kidnapping attempt of a Companion. Not one for the spotlight, Gabi relied on her anonymity to slide back into the shadows and the details of the incident (and her identity) were left to question.

Its only in the last six months that Gabi has been seen wandering the spaceports on the Border and Rim. Typically its around the edges, the woman spending her time eyeing the various crews and ships as if shopping for something. Not one to be stuck to any one location, she can also be found sitting in the corner of bars on her own, brown eyes surveying the various groups. When she can find someone to throw, she can also be seen shooting clays at the edges of the landing ramps.


Gabriella is one of those people who has a face that is easy to forget. Nearing thirty, the contours of her expressions speak to many hours squinting and holding the barest hints of a smile, all while subtely detracting from anything she might do to bring attention to herself. The graceful softness of her light skin is almost disarming with the ease her brown eyes set upon the world. Light brown hair is left in a ponytail up behind her head, held in place by a blue handkerchief tied in a simple knot.

The woman sports a relaxed cut of clothing over her 5'7" frame. A form-fitting plain white t-shirt hugs her curves while a thick, long-sleeve olive green duty shirt is worn over it, left unbuttoned down the front. A set of black denim jeans fall loosely over her legs and rest lightly on what look like they might be black boots. There's a cheap black wristwatch on her left arm and a pair of silver studs in each ear.


Background shot of her. Outside Governor's Ball. Ariel. August 8, 2523 File photo. INTERPOL. Beaumonde. May 22, 2517

As seen on the Cortex. Current.