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  • BOUNTY: Current listed bounty on Admiral Frost is 125,000 credits.

  • CONDITIONS: Dead or Alive

  • WARNINGS: Frost is always heavily armed, and quite frequently heavily guarded by an elite group of pirates he has deemed 'Royal Corsairs'. The guards are some of the most hardened killers in the Universe. Approach with /EXTREME/ caution.

Full Name Frost (surname unknown)
Aliases Admiral Frost, The Pirate King
Sex Male
Age 40
Hair Color Natural hair color is black. Subject is known to keep it generally black and purple.
Eye Color Natural eyecolor is unknown. The subject's right eye (his only operable eye) is generally concealled behind a reflective contact.
Height 6 feet, 1 inches tall
Weight 275 lbs


Nothing is known about the man known as 'Frost' until his name began to be tied to a Firefly-class transport known as the 'Black Bart', which had been suspected of pirating in the rim worlds. Frost served as Second Mate on this ship alongside Capt. Robert Edwards Teach and First Mate Daniel Vale. The ship would fall victim to mutiny, seemingly led by Frost and a ragtag group of followers. The battle that followed would leave Capt. Teach slain, a majority of the crew dead, and Frost marooned and later captured for the crimes of murder and pirating on the remote planet of Haven. It is later believed that the anonymous tip that the Alliance received as to Frost's location and crimes actually came from Daniel Vale, who had claimed position of Captain aboard the 'Black Bart' in the wake of the mutiny. Frost was sentenced to fifteen years on a secluded penal colony.. yet would serve only 6 of these years.

A source of some concern surrounding Frost's 'release' from the penal colony stems from his more recent ties with Lirin Dumont, who was one of the colonies chief physicians at the time.

After his untimely 'release' from the penal colony, Frost's name began to surface again in relation to a Trans-U class Capital ship called the 'Liberty', on which he was Security Chief. During his tour with this vessel, Frost would be reported again for numerous crimes ranging from petty theft, larceny, arson, assault, piracy, and murder. After some time, Frost would gain the position of First Mate aboard the Liberty and during this time, a ship that was meant to be merely a cargo vessel would become a full-blown pirate ship.. the crew as a whole 'taking on' Frost's demeanor and mannerisms.. until finally Frost became Captain of the ship. It is about this time that the 'Liberty' would be at the peek of it's pirate activities, when Capt. Frost heard rumor of Daniel Vale's proclaiming himself 'Pirate King'. A small pirate war began, and would finally come to a head when Capt. Vale's flagship 'The Devil's Whore', a privately commissioned corvette-class warship designated a 'Cutlass-class' and the combined forces of Captain Frost's ship and Captain Daniel Wallace's ship, The Red Angel would meet in space. After a heated ship combat, the forces of the 'Liberty' and the Red Angel were able to board the 'Devil's Whore' and in the fight that followed... Daniel Vale would be slain by Frost minutes after Vale slew Frost's best-friend Duke before his eyes.

After this epic conflict, Frost's ship lay in ruins, so his crew captured the 'Devil's Whore', renamed it the Arctic Raider, no doubt in honor of it's new Captain's over-inflated ego, and began a pirating rampage.. only that only lasted a few months until Frost suddenly vanished with no word or reason for 6 months.

Frost reappeared half a year later at the wedding of Grey and Isabella Temporalis, two of his former crew mates aboard the Arctic Raider. It would be after this return that Frost would begin his pirates anew. The pirate forces seemed to grow twice as fast and Frost's ruthlessness began to know no bounds. It is believed that some of this increase in hostility comes from the mysterious woman that appeared at his side a short time after his re-emergence. A woman by the name of Lareina Pirata. Not long after the woman appeared Frost would declare himself 'Admiral', and if rumors are correct he then married her moments before the largest land confrontation since the 'Unification War', the Battle of Ezra, and then declared themselves the 'Pirate King and Queen'.

Since that time the Pirate Commonwealth has grown, fallen, and grown again. Led by Frost and Lareina they have seen a total of five major battles since the Battle of Ezra. Twice on Lilac. Twice on Three Hills. Once on Yinyang. All of these have been losses for the pirate forces. However, this has not stopped them from continuing their battle to free the Rim from Alliance control.
May, 2529: The Pirate Commonwealth forces stage an assault on the planet of Paquin, led by their Admiral. Their initial bombardment of the planet destroyed the Grand Carnivale, the Spacer's District, and most of the planetary defenses. The pirate forces were met with a resistance of locals, Romany, and Alliance alike. During the fight, the woman leading the Paquin forces, long time rival of Frost's, Jade fell in the conflict. Her head was taken by the Admiral, and remains on display in his throne room. In their attempted escape, the pirate's lose the Leviathan to Alliance battle forces in orbit above Paquin. But the loss is not in vein, as it allows for the escape of the Arctic Raider II along with the brunt of the elite pirate forces.

The Many Faces of Frost