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Full name Hild Frobisher
Date of Birth 27 Feb 2501
Birthplace Transport ship Ayde
Parents Cuthbert Frobisher and Maud Rae
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment First Mate, Wulver
Specialization Pilot
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green. Mousey brown
Height and Weight 5'4". 9st 2lb
Status Active
Education Information

School of life.

Employment History

First Mate, Wulver
Senior Helmsman, Wulver
Pilot, Wulver
Pilot, Scott
Co-Pilot, Diadem
Pilot, Good Hope
Junior Pilot, Gladiator
Junior Pilot, Caradoc
(very) Junior Pilot, Ayde


Not the tallest of lasses, standing around 5'4" with no artificial aids such as high heals (or stilts). Her light brown hair is cropped short in a practical style and mostly covered by a kakhi field cap that looks like its seen better days. Her eyes are green and if were being honest, utterly unremarkable. She has two of them and they're in the right place and everything. Anyway, I digress...

Black para-boots sit below a pair of knee-length shorts and a leg holster holding a sidearm to her right thigh. Above that is a short sleeved shirt thats unbuttoned over an equally utilitarian t-shirt. There's nothing particularly remarkable about her appearance but the tattoo around her right wrist. It's not the finest of work and not all that easy to read, but says 'Cuthbert' is moderately elaborate text.


<Wulver> I sell guns, Cecilia says, "Easy-going, aloof, cares about her friends.. likes to have fun"
<Wulver> Sassy Evangeline says, "I would describe Bish as patient, a diamond in the rough, a good heart without pretense."
<Wulver> Sunshine, Cody hrms... Bish is adorably cute and feisty. :)
<Wulver> Rodney says, "Cool and savvy, with balls like grapefruits."
<Wulver> Monk of Stabbity stab Michio says, "A fierce and loyal sort."
<Wulver> Doc. Barefoot Whackadoo Luna says, "Serious."


Born on a transport and spent the first 10 years of her life floating rond the Verse as her parents took what work they could (pilot and medic respectively). At the outbreak of war her dad went to fly for the Browncoats but left his wife and the kid on Persephone to keep them safe.
A bit of a drinker, and certainly not faithful to his wife, her dad was far from perfect, but he gave her a love of space and flying. He never came home though, and since she was too young to see his flaws she came to idolise him. Her mum took a basic nursing job to pay the bills and attempted to pursuade her to follow suit but the memories of space were too vivid though and she spent most of her free time down by the docks talking to crew and pilots.
At 18 she found a ship willing to take on a fresh hand and she hasn't looked back since. She proved to be a natural pilot (probably due to her formative years), showing adeptitude at reacting to some problems even before they became readily apparent. She has signed with a multitude of ships over the interveening decade, picking up new skills and war-stories each time.
A decade came and went, as did various ships before she found herself bearthed as backup-pilot and additional gun on a small trader that put into Persephone to deliever one cargo and pick up another giving them a night in dock. Needless to say, beers were drunk. Propositions were made, propositions were rejected, much to the distake of the proposer. So much so infact that when she left the bar shortly after, her followed. A scuffle ensued but her always reliable reflexes were quicker than his and she put a bullet in his knee before he could try anything too serious. Sadly the local law enforcement then stuck it's nose in and by the time she'd pursuaded them it was self defense and got back to the docks, the trader had left without her.
That lead to her sitting on the docks looking for work when Wulver landed. Cody Martin, at that point the First Mate decided to take a chance on her and she's not looked back since. Now First Mate in her own right, a renowned pilot and cargo traider, she's keeps the ship side of the business moving while Rodney sees to the establishment of Angry Scotsman Industries on Whitefall.

Federal Record

  • Level 2 Weapons permit.
  • Not wanted by law.
  • A handful of drunk/drunk and disorderly/bar fight type charges, but nothing that resulted in longer than a night in the cells or worse than a minor fine. (pre-play)
  • Assault with a deadly weapon. Found to be self-defense, no further action taken. (Pre-play)
  • Assault. Attacked Officer Dan Sabo in a bar, two months in prison. (2532)