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Local Authority ?
Population 30 thousand
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle No
Type Skyplex
Class Rim
Orbit over Aberdeen
Coordinates 3800, -2970, -24
Market Information
Commodities Market Yes
Imports Can Goods
Parts - Civil
Parts - Industrial
Protein Packs
Exports Materials - Tech

In The Verse


Freehold Station was begun as a deep space salvage project, masterminded by a group of disaffected Alliance citizens. It included Browncoats, former and active Alliance soldiery, and private citizens. The purpose was to create a safe haven outside of Alliance controlled space, where folk could live without the Alliance meddling in their affairs. The project happened quietly, over a period of a couple of years. The Confederation, as it became known, towed a damaged Browncoat Oribital Outpost to a remote section of space, and set about refurbishing it. The Confederation was cautious about who they involved, ensuring that only people who could keep the secret became involved, so very little would ever be heard about it. They were largely successful, and the station came online with only whispers of it trickling out to the rim. Once livable, the Confederation began to transport people to the station, people forgotten by the Alliance, and gave them a home. This could not have been accomplished without someone noticing, so more and more rumors have been filtering out over recent weeks. By now, there are probably several thousand people aboard the station.


Freehold Station, as mentioned before, was once a Browncoat Orbital Platform from the Unification War, and is heavily armed. This allows it to maintain it's independence, fighting off raiders, profiteers, and pirates who have stumbled across it. There are several thousand people on board the station so it's a big place, but more than that, the people that live there are loyal to Freehold, since the station keeps them safe, and makes sure they have comfortable lives. Freehold is governed by an elected tribunal of residents (all NPC), who have lived there more than six months. Since the population has a large percentage of former military personnel, the security is tight and they are very well equipped. People who come aboard are /required/ to check, or peace bond their weapons. If visitors or residents chose to carry weapons, they can expect to be watched, and periodically have their peace bond checked. Because of the varied composition of the Confederation, the prevailing attitude among station residents is non-partisan. The first rule, 'live and let live', is almost fanatically observed without regard to affiliation or crimes committed outside of the Freehold.

Preemptive answers to questions:

Q: Can I try and take over the station. A: No. Unless you have control of a whole, fully armed battle group, an external attack will be repelled by station weapons. Internally, you could try, but the station is fanatical about security. Expect to have armed insurrection met by security armed with Alliance Military level weapons and armor.

Q: What happens if I try to...(insert bad thing)? A: Depending on how bad it is, you could be fined, arrested, ejected from the station(with or without a ship), and potentially have yourself, and your ship banned from docking there.

Q: What about people bound by Alliance law, or bounties? A: The BHG, and Alliance law don't exist on Freehold. Live and let live.

Q: Can I live there? A: Sure, you can get an apartment, and even run a business (if eligible), so long as you abide by the rules.

Q: What are the rules? A: 1) Live and let live. 2) Don't start fights or harm anyone. 3) Don't steal. 4) Keep your weapons at home, or peace bonded. 5) Protect the station and it's laws.

Q: Can I get involved with running, owning, operating the station? A: No. This is to maintain neutrality. No PC will ever have control, a voice in the laws, or station operations.

Q: What if X violates one of the rules, or RPs having some control over station personnel? A: If someone is abusing the setting, let staff know.

Q: But I am the uber-leet at...(whatever), and I should be able to do...(whatever) on the station? A: Remember, as good as you are, there will always be someone as good or better. This place is set up as location to RP, not as a prize to be targeted. Try to abide by the spirit of the setting, or it will go away.


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