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Full name Fransoric Bailiff
Date of Birth June 13th, 2575
Parents Ike and Betty Bailiff - Deceased
Assignment Former Ship Captain
Gender Male


This man smells heavily of old cologne, beer, and cigarettes. He stands a little less then six feet and has an athletic build. He walks with a swagger, and his voice has a brooklyn accent that is not too deep. He has a light stubble of facial hair that can be best described as whiskers. His hands are both very calloused, and his fingernails are short only because they look like they've been trimmed by teeth. His face has a jagged scar across it, but otherwise is free of other marks. His hair is salt and pepper grey, and they match his penetrating storm grey eyes.


Franz is gruff, stubborn, empathic, and reckless. He is good at making decisions, but when it comes to his own life, he has very little care for it. He seems like a grouch, but has a gentle interior. Once he makes a decision, it's usually case closed.


October 2474
Alliance vessel crash lands on Beylix. Couple Ike and Betty Bailiff leave vessel, have a night of passion as relief sex. Afterwards they map out the area, find themselves in Reaver territory, with no communication to the Alliance.
June 2475
After setting up a residence away from the Reavers and dealing with the local smugglers, Franz is born.
April 2485
Franz learns knife fighting techniques from Will Spade, a smuggler. Later, Ike is killed after blowing himself and a group of Reavers up to protect the small smuggler settlement.
September 2490
Betty is killed by Reavers before Franz's eyes. Will Spade saves Franz from Reavers, Franz joins the Black Spades smuggler crew.
September 2496
Will Spade dies of unknown causes. Franz takes control of the Sheriff, the ship Spade owned. The Black Spades become a mercenary group.
February 2512
Franz falls in love with Lola Spade, daughter of Will Spade. The two start a relationship and eventually marry.
August 2522
After a long relationship, Franz and Lola break it off, and Lola sets up residence in Athens.
November 2527
Franz loses the Sheriff in a high stakes card game. His crew gladly leaves him.


  • “Kid.”
  • “Kiddo.”


  • Franz chain smokes.
  • Franz fought in the war.
  • Franz’s trusty sidearm was named after Lola.