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Frank Charleston
Frank Charleston 2.jpg
Full name Frank "Brainiac" Charleston
Date of Birth July 28, 2499
Birthplace Verbena
  • Lady Mary-Anna
  • Lord Timothy Senior
  • Noble Jim
  • Noble Timothy Junior
  • Noble Kathy
Assignment System Specialist
Specialization Computer Technology
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Black, Black
Height and Weight 5'6. 160
Status Inactive
Employment History

Tienlong Organization

Frank Charleston is a fictional character in the Science Fiction game called Senerity: A FireFly Mush. This a game based on Joss Whedon's FireFly tv show and the Movie Serenity. The game takes place 3 years after the credits of Serenity. Frank Charleston is a Computer Guru whom has had a rough road and shady criminal past. He is a Noble-Son to Lord Timothy Charleston, and heir to the House of Charleston. Currently, he is trying to prove to his father that the past is the past, and he isn't the same person.

NOTICE: Alt Character

Character role support information
Actor: Brandon Lee
Movie: The Crow
Character: Eric Draven


PreIC Timeline

  • 07/28/2499 - Born on Verbena
  • 11/01/2509 - Breaking and entry into a Noble home. No charges filed.
  • 01/12/2510 - Disorderly conduct. No charges filed.
  • 01/01/2511 - Hacking public records. No charges filed.
  • 01/01/2514 - Publicly intoxication. No charges filed.
  • 01/01/2515 - Hacking National Bank 1. No charges filed.
  • 05/02/2516 - Charged with Hacking the Alliance Military Database.
  • 06/02/2516 - Sentenced to jail for six years years.

IC Timeline

  • 11/20/2522 - Released from Penal Colony
  • 12/01/2522 - Contracted by Regiment for Computers
  • 12/10/2522 - Contracted by Wilson for Computers
  • 12/23/2522 - Hired by Teinlong
  • 12/23/2522 - Terminates Contract with Regiment
  • 04/17/2523 - Quits the Tienlong Organization


The life of your son, Frank, is one woven in his own stupidity, anger, resentment and hatred. He was born to you, Lord Charleston and your House. He was dubbed your Noble-Son and heir. It appears it was a life he did not want. He acts as if the Goddess hates him. He was rebellious by nature, and used it. Now look at him.
-- Lord Chester Miles. Said in private to Lord Timothy Charleston during the indictment hearings on Frank Charleston after the hack on the Alliance Database.

portrait done by Sir Langston of Verbena, 2516

The Prodigal son

Frank Charleston, son of Lady Mary-Anna Charleston and Lord Timothy Charleston, was born at St. Lucy’s Hospital on Ariel on July 28 twenty-four ninety-nine. He was born as Noble-Son Frank Charleston, first born son of the Lord and Lady. He is a citizen of Verbena by blood.

In the Early years, Frank attended Verbena Private School. However, it was not long until he was expelled from the school. He was forced to attend public schooling due to the lack of private schools located on Verbena. He had little friends and tended to be more secluded to himself. As life continued on, he became rebellious against his father and the House. He became what was rare to find in the ‘verse – a goth. He hacked into his own schools network and began a small life of crime for attention.

It wasn’t long before Frank’s life took him down a spiraling course of which he was unable to get out of. He found himself locked up after hacking the Alliance Military Database. His father claimed him as Noble-Outcast to the family and House. His activities were later buried by the other Lords of Verbena in a attempt to hide the shame that he brought upon the Charleston name.

Today, he has been released from the penal colony. He now serves on the Tienlong ship, as the ships computer tech guru. He has begun to make his own name in the ‘verse as he takes on clients who are in need of his skills.

Recently, Frank Charleston was injured during a mission to Lilac. In attempt to save his arm, he turned to his father for assistance. He was sent to Ariel to have the lower part of his right arm replaced with a robotic arm. In repayment, Frank has begun to assume the Noble-Son duties. In one such instance, he was asked to attend Earl Packard and Nysacire O'Doherty engagement party.

May 2523

An incident had taken place on Whittier where he was gravely injured during an attack. His first primary robotic arm was destroyed when fighters attacked the camp location of children and where the Night Hawk and Zhonlong crew were residing. His lungs were damaged when a excessive amount of electricity passed through his body. He was in a coma for six days prior to waking and was transferred to the Tienlong. During this time, the Captain went on to rescue her father. Against medical orders, Frank attempted to assist, which further the injuries on his lungs. After the rescue, he spoke with Asterisk Zenoda and found he had two years to live.

Soon after, it was found that his father was poisoned. While speaking with the crew about the events, and of the duties he must take on as the Noble Son, he two was briefly poisoned. Thanks to the efforts of the medical staff, he survived.

Currently, Frank is awaiting word from Slade, a rival and person he threatened to kill on Whittier if he didn't shut up. It could go either way on this.


Name: Wilson Fisque
Company: Fisque Law Group
Job: Lead Communication Security and Computer Tech investigator

Name: Kennedy_Sinclair
Job: Security System installation, monitoring and repair.

Name: Baltimore
Company: Alliance legal
Job: Electronic and Computer Information


See Charleston for family history and company information

Distinguishing marks

Left Brow pierced
Lower middle lip pierced
Bionic Robotic Arm:
It's a robotic arm, very redumatry. It has a alloy cast shell that wraps around keeps all the major mechanical parts inside of it. It has a dull shine to it and is roughly thick enough to make it look like a real arm when covered. The same can be said for the hand. Very basic systems move each finger which are also covered by the same alloy shell.

Tattoo on the back:
Taking up his entire back is a fairly large tattoo. It is a tattoo where the sky is hazed in red, orange and yellow. The area of which it takes placed looks to be a battleground. The sky is hazed with dirt, and the violence of what had happened. A man sits upon a rock. It is a unknown man who lays on the rock, bleeding from wounds. He wears a brown coat. His left hand is brought upwards in a defense pattern. Above him is a angel. A dark angel in black with its wings spread outwards (Also black). He holds a judgment sword above the man, a long broad sword. He appears to be bringing it downwards upon the brown coat.

Words inscribed below it states 'Freedom must be fought for always. Freedom can never be taken away, even in death.'