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Fowler Cartwright: Captain of the Moriarty

Fowler 07.jpg
Full name
  • Fowler Jeremiah Cartwright
Date of Birth
  • (37) 17.05.2498
  • Father: Thomas Cartwright
  • Mother: Linda Jones
  • None
  • Too much headache
  • You're kidding, right?
  • Captain - Freedom Movement Military
  • Captain - Moriarty
  • Second Mate - Wulver
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Black hair, brown eyes
Status Active
Education Information

Public Education

Military Service

Captain, Freedom Movement Military, 2535-Present


This is quite a large man. He stands at a clear six foot, three inches, with a build like a freight train. His dark brown skin is weathered, but it isn't mirrored in his personality, obviously, as the man is always wearing a smile. He has strong facial features; a firm jaw, large nose and full lips.

He's currently wearing a white button-down shirt, the top buttons left unfastened to allow room for a red neck scarf. Worn over the shirt is a dark grey vest, tactical in style, with four heavy-duty buckles keeping it in place. A pair of dark cloth trousers fit snuggly against his legs and run down over the tops of a pair of black cowboy boots. Around his waist is a sturdy-looking black, leather gunbelt, a Starshot tucked within it. Over all of this, he wears a dark grey leather trenchcoat.


Fowler was raised in Londinium by a loving mother. His father left when he was two, and so the financial security of the house was always in jeopardy. Luckily, his mother took care of them and provided for the boy what she could. She couldn't, however, stop him from turning to a life of petty crime in an attempt to provide additional support for the family. As he grew, he learned all the tricks; how to fix dice games, find the lady, etc. He was noticed by the larger gangs in the area. Their leader, a man by the name of Tobias Stane, an obvious pseudonym, began to develop an interest in the young Fowler. He took him under his wing for the next few years and taught him all of the tricks of the trade. Tobias watched over Fowler until he was twenty five, and Tobias was killed in a shoot-out with local authorities. After being pretty much handed the leadership of the gang, Fowler took over, but things were going to change. He made sure that the gang went in a better direction. No more killing or drugs. He turned them into a band of modern day Merry Men, only taking what they needed. He got in good with Daniel Sabo of the Alliance, and in exchange for protection of the young kids in his group from any sort of legal repercusions, Fowler would provide the man with intelligence on what was happening on the streets of Londinium if he ever came around asking. Eventually, though, this practice died out and they all went their seperate ways, leaving Fowler with enough money to live comfortably for a little while, or pay the fare for transport on a shuttle to who knows where.

Recent Events

Fowler's recently given up the gang life and has moved on to more interstellar pursuits. He's currently learning how to fly a transport ship, as he's heard that in an active intergalactic market, pilots are a valuable commodity.

After serving on the Wulver for a time, Fowler joined up with the Freedom Movement.

Cartwright was been involved with several skirmishes against the Alliance and went underground shortly after the taking of the IAV Temperance.

As of late 2536, Fowler Cartwright has reappeared and taken on the role of captain of the Wulver.

A few months after Fowler took control of the Wulver, Rodney Kilbride returned, and Fowler graciously gave the title back to the man. Though, through workings within the Freedom Movement, Fowler was gifted a ship on behalf of Count Salin Fawzy; a skeleton of the IAV Maelstrom, the Moriarty. While primarily serving as second mate aboard the Wulver, Fowler will helm the Moriarty when an extra set of guns is needed.


Kind-hearted and loving as the day is long, as long as he's not working. When he's off doing something that may or may not affect his coffers, he's cool and focused, almost to the point where he may come off as a bit of an ass.


  • Smokes like a freight train. Prefers Marlboro reds.
  • Severely allergic to cats.

The People

Rodney Kilbride ~ Fowler's captain. Fowler serves as an information gatherer and operative for the man and is often called upon to offer advice in the realm of less-than-legal dealings, including, but not limited to arranging deals for any number of illegal things, and sparking revolutions.

Daniel Sabo ~ The Alliance Sargeant kept some of the kids Fowler used to watch over out of prison, and that means that whatever the lawman needs, Fowler will provide.

Michio ~ Bloke punched the shit out of me a couple of times. Seems a good enough sort.

Belle ~ Ex-Wulver crewmate and good friend. She ran off to help her brother, but Fowler's still trying to convince this fine-ass white girl to come back.

Abbey ~ Senior Gunslinger. Abs is a hell of a shot and an even better friend. Fowler knows she'll always have his back, even if it's through a scope from a couple hundred yards away.

RP Hooks

Born on Londinium. Controlled a street gang there for many years.

Need information collected on a certain individual or occurance? Fowler's your man. For a price.

Want to fight for liberty and a (mostly) tax-free existence? Well, Fowler's got the ship for you.

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