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Full name Foerga Katarina Delaine
Date of Birth February 12, 2096
Parents Michael and Felicity Delaine
Siblings none
Spouse none
Assignment Doctor, Medical Wellness Clinic and Ethereal Investigations
Specialization Doctor, Virologies
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, Brown hair
Height and Weight 5'2", 105 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Osiris Medical University

Quick Information

Foerga is a rather petite, yet intelligent woman. Brought up with standard noble culture, being that her father is Lord Delaine, she understands the niceties and the basic strictures her background would normally encompass her within. Having broken free of that arrangement, somewhat, however, she is now at the point of learning how to be a normal human being. Some have already classified her as 'weird', 'creepy' or 'cold', but that is mostly because of her strong medical background. She can't help but be truly intrigued by a new medical mystery. Also, when she's aggravated, she does tend to mutter smarmy statements to all and sundry. No, there really isn't much 'normal' about our girl, Foe.

Having finished out her medical training at the University on Osiris, she breaks from her parents wishes and moves to Persephone, to find her own place. First, she finds a job working as a doctor for the Medical Wellness Clinic, where a large portion of her time is taken up just taking care of one client. Then, she does find a berth on a ship. The Ethereal Embrace of Ethereal Investigations. Much like Dorothy, she finds herself lost in a world of technicolor, after having lived a life of black and white. Unlike Dorothy, however, Foerga seems to be handling the chaos with a sense of humor and has no intentions of going back 'home' anytime soon!


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