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Flynn is average in a lot of ways at first glance. In his early twenties, he stands 5'8" with the fit but not overly muscular frame that comes with regular manual labor. His not specifically handsome face is almost pale; his short brown hair is usually at least a little unkempt. Green eyes peer out, distanced. His clothing marks him not as a man of wealth or stature: roughly tailored cotton pants appear to have been hand-sewn, a Blue Sun jacket appears to have been worn a few years past its prime. He wears simple brown leather boots on his feet and a plain off-white cotton shirt under his jacket. Besides the overall simplicity, there are stains of oil and grime on his clothing that will likely never come out.


Flynn grew up on Regina, born into a mining family. He came to Persephone a few years back and was just recently hired on as the ship's engineer for the Ethereal Embrace.