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Established October 15 2522 on the planet Ezra this law firm has been a very busy place. Owned by Wilson Arthur Fisque, the firm is open to all that need help with their legal problems. The company is in the public market on Ezra and is open on weekdays. Along side his team of lawyers, Wilson has a skilled team of investigators that can be hired for outside work.


Kennedy Sinclair

Valimai Johanneson


Frank Charleston Hired Dec 2 2522

Talia Hired Feb 1 2523

Gibson Hired Feb 27 2523

Baltimore hired Feb 18 2523 (Contract terminated)

John Black Hired Feb 21, 2523

Vivian Hired Feb 27 2523

Jason Makawe Hired April 15 2523

Rhonwen O'Neil Hired June ?? 2423

Ellena Montgomery Hired August 18 2523


The office on Ezra, and the LRS Lakota