Fiona Warnock McCoy

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Full name Fiona Warnock McCoy
Date of Birth (undisclosed)
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Aengus and Kate McCoy (Living on Londinium)
Siblings None
Spouse (undisclosed)
Children (undisclosed)
Specialization Assassin
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green Eyes, Brown Hair
Height and Weight 5'7", 160 lbs
Education Information

Alliance Core Standard

Employment History

Alliance Military - Recon Sniper Scout (Decorated, Retired) / UDC - Executive Bodyguard


Her chestnut-brown hair falls nearly to her shoulders, and leafy-green eyes watch the world from behind thick lashes. A pert, slightly hawkish nose sits within the smooth, fair skin of a face whose other features could only be described as 'impish'. She has high cheekbones, a sharp chin, and a wicked, mischievous grin. She stands just over five and a half feet tall, with an athletically taut frame and long, sinewy limbs. The way she moves betrays a lean, whipcord style of muscle that isn't immediately noticeable. Her bearing and personal style are youthful, but are presented with the confidence of one who's no longer in their twenties.


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Skills and Interests

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Additional Images

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