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Full name Fiona Allister
Date of Birth 30 September 2498
Birthplace Persephone
Parents Dave Allister, Nancy Allister (deceased)
Siblings none
Gender Captain
Height and Weight 1.75 m (5' 7")
Status NPC
Education Information

The Streets and The Black

Employment History

Captain of the Guan-Yin

Early Life & Career

Fiona was the only child born to Dave and Nancy Allister, a couple on Persephone who were firmly against unification. When the war broke out, both joined the browncoats to keep their planet independent, leaving their then eight year old daughter with Nancy's parents. Fiona saw her parents only intermittently until Dave received a leg wound that left him incapable to continue the war. He soon turned to smuggling instead. Nancy remained a soldier until she did not return from the Battle of Du-Khang in 2510. Despite the grandparents' wishes to let Fiona live with them until she had finished school, Dave decided to take his daughter along on his frequent smuggling trips to keep her close. Fiona spent her teenage years travelling all over the 'verse with her father, making herself useful in all sorts of ways from playing the innocent wide-eyed orphan to doing the books. She also learned to use various weapons and to fly a ship.

When she was 20, she fell in love for the first time andcouldn't deal with her father's jealousy, so she left him behind to get married head over heels to her first husband Darin. The marriage lasted less than a year and after she had broken up with him, pride forbade her to return to her father. She joined another smuggling racket and spent some years drifiting here and there until she found another man she wanted to marry, the dashing Wylie. They ran a smuggling racket together with him as captain and her as XO, but he had no head for business and kept getting them into trouble, so Fiona was permanently busy to get them -out- of trouble again. Once again she got tired of the permanent fighting and divorced Wylie to try and make it on her own.

She finally had a lucky break when she won a Scarab off another smuggler at poker on Paquin and got herself a little crew together including Andy Benson who fixed the rather run-down ship for her. As a captain of her own ship and business, Fiona could finally do things her way and became very successful. But her success soon drew envy and resentment. When she got too daring in trying to take another one's business away, she bit off more than she could chew and her enemy got his revenge, destroying the Scarab and everything on board. Her disappointed crew left her, except for Andy who encouraged her to go on.

On Board the Guan-Yin

Fiona had a passing aquaintance with Cody A. Martin, then captain of the Guan-Yin II and in need of a XO. The thought of working on a peaceful hospital ship away from all the smuggling, crime and violence appealed to her and she accepted the job under condition that she could bring Andy along, who could make himself useful as a mechanic. This went well for two years until Cody decided she wanted to retire and live planetside with her children. She was happy to hand the ship to Fiona and promoted her to captain. She in turn promoted Andy to her XO and for the last three years they have been doing a good job at keeping the Goddess flying.


The first thing one notices about Fiona is that she's extraordinarily tall for a woman, her height accentuated by the fact that she wears tight khaki pants and tall black boots that show off her legs. Above that she wears a baggy checkered shirt over a T-shirt and quite possibly a holster. She doesn't bother much with appearance or make up, not vain about the first wrinkles that line the corners of her eyes and mouth. Her hair falls down openly over her shoulder and her only adornment is a necklace, its pendant a silver infinity symbol.