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Full Name: Finnegan Erik Marsh
Date of Birth: November 5th, 2497
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Beylix, Marsh Farm.
Eyes: Bright blue.
Hair: Naturally blonde. Often dyed.
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 160 lbs.
Handedness: Ambidextrous.
Parents: Baern Marsh (father). Aba Marsh (mother).
Siblings: Manx (+5), Derek (+3), Abrante (+2), Handel (-1), Liloek (-3), Draven (-6).
Significant Other(s):Declan. Past: Mike (deceased), Reilly.
Children: None.
Assignment: Engineer, Valiant
Specialization: Ship Engines and Computer Systems.
Status: Inactive
Nicknames: Finn, Marsh, Erik, Puppy, Blueberry.


  • He has never actually been to a proper college or academy for engineering.
  • He speaks with an Irish accent.
  • He is Allergic to sea urchins.
  • He has a Heavy Tolerance.
  • He is rumored to be light fingered.
  • He has Lightning Reflexes
  • He is a hopeless bibliophile.
  • He wears a collar, usually under his shirt.


Shaggily cut, straight hair is long but pushed back into a messy, spiky mass, all dyed a brilliant azure blue with black roots. His features beneath it are a bit angular, but youthful, with a sense of humor about them that gives his fine, soft mouth a mild upturn at the corners almost always. His eyebrows are heavy and dark, normally striped the same colors as his hair, the left one cut through with a small scar near the outer edge. His beryl eyes are long lashed and almond shaped, with sharp edges and rounded contours around the brilliant sapphire iris. The man's jaw is strong if not always as closely shaved as it could be, while his physique is lithe but durable, broad shoulders angling down into thin hips. He's tall with a gently-defined, lean musculature and long, deft limbs and fingers. His skintone is a light tan, the sort that was once dark but has faded over time, leaving him with a mild hazelnut tinge in general.

A grungy shirt knit from heavy goldenrod thread clings to his torso with badly defined hems around his upper arms and lower ribcage. On the lower half of his body is a pair of old, torn denim pants, the waistband fitting tightly just below his hips and only getting particularly loose around thighs and calves. On his feet are a pair of well-worn black boots made for walking over a hot environment, the soles thick enough to give him almost an added inch worth of height, the jeans either overlapping them or getting caught on top of them and winding up in multiple heavy folds. A longsleeved bolo jacket made of heavy mahogany leather is normally worn over the golden knit shirt, reaching only as far as his ribcage and decorated with black symbols on the back that read 'into the dark, we safely go' in Mandarin. His ears are multiply pierced, and he has metallic wristbands around either wrist.


Born to a pair of diehard farmers on Beylix, Finnegan is the third son of six and probably the brightest, save for his older brother, Manx. Definitely not considered the strongest of his brothers, Finnegan gave up on farming and fighting a lot sooner than anyone in his family would've liked and took to ravaging the scrap yards, the heaps of gleaming metal refuse that was so easy to find. The rest of his life was devoted to putting pieces together to make what he could, to scavenge education off of trash and pilots visiting the planet. He would start his book collection at the age of twelve, a dirty vagrant with a roughly made toy flier in his hands. He would learn from every mechanic and technician that landed on Beylix everything he wanted to learn, and this obsession eventually rooted him almost entirely out of home and hearth. His mother still let him come by every so often for different things, from new clothes to bits of food, information. Every birthday, he's asked to come by so she can give him something, no matter how small. He lives off of his minor creations and repairs, now, acting as something of a hopper between ships, always looking for a way onto a good ship, a ship worth keeping. He's been to other places: Athens and their moons, Beaumonde, and Santo, always paying his way with abilities more than actual money, when he can manage it. He's come back to Beylix, however, as he always does, and remains on the search for that ship, "his" ship.

History and Current Events

- Member of the Red Angel crew; leaves after a few months.
- Goes back to Persephone to take odd jobs; meets Michael Kemp after stealing his lighter.
- Becomes a member of the Arctic Raider crew; leaves when old captain returns.
- Returns to the shipyard in lieu of having a ship assignment, moves in with Michael.
- Loses long time lover Michael Kemp to bounty gone wrong; suffers a bout of drug use.
- Still reeling from Mike's death, but off drugs, he moves to Persephone to try and find legitimate work.
- Goes to the Life-Line Inc. barbecue and decides to join their organization.
- Is assigned as an engineer to Life Line's Firefly class ship, the Red Deuce.
- Becomes involved with Reilly Kelly, one of the owners of Life Line.
- After various tensions, Reilly returns from a long sojourn with a new boyfriend and mechanic. Finnegan takes this chance to leave the company. - He wanders around Osiris until he is hired by Teller Munro to work abord his newly acquired ship, the Valiant. He also becomes involved with Declan Grace of Black Wolf Enterprises.