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Tinker Bell

“Dying is only one thing to be sad over...
Living unhappily is something else.”
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- Morrie Schwartz

“Don't cry because it's over.
Smile because it happened.”
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- Dr. Seuss


xxxxxTopping out at about five feet and eight inches, she has slightly broad shoulders, a petite waist and curved hips. The near-perfect hourglass figure. Long black hair, always kept up in a half ponytail, the rest extends to just about her mid back.


xxxxxOver the top, bit of a tomboy, with a fiery attitude to match; Feria is not a woman to be trifled with. Arrogant, and self-proficient, she's extremely loyal to her friends, the rebellion, and most things Anti-Alliance.

 xxxxxCurrent Story

xxxxxNo one knows where Feria came from, and she seems to wish to keep it that way. If asked about her past, she skims over the subject, and there aren't many records on any file about her either. She currently flies with the Double Indemnity under the business of Keyhole Operations, keeping her nose down and her eyes up, always looking for the next way to give the Alliance a great big 'go rut yourself'.

 xxxxxThe Elopement

xxxxxAt an unspecified place and time Captain Feria Corington and Security Type Devlin Delaney tied the knot, entering into a mutually benefiting marriage contract.

 xxxxxCast of Characters

Esther - The Mei-Mei. She's the first Feria ever considered as such. Not one to trifle with.
Devlin - The gunman. Also, the husband. The one she would do anything for.
Davis - The Ex. Hard man to love, but also a hard man to hate. In an ironic twist, he'll be a hard man to miss as well. RIP Bandarra.
Ansiel - The beauty. She's rocked Feria's world to it's core, and likely doesn't realize it. The wayward lover.
Annabelle - The Other Mei-Mei. She's the second person Feria has regarded as family by extension. Possibly her last line of hope.
Cade - The Bearded One. She's still getting a handle on him. A sharer of secrets.
Kyoshiro - The Red-Eyed One. A misunderstanding somehow brought them closer. A fighter to the end of his days.
Conoger - The Viking. He's a crazy son of a bitch.
Emily - The Doctor. Quiet, shy, but she's one hell of a woman. Someone worth fighting for.
Ambrose - The Psychiatrist. Rough around the edges, but he's coming out of his shell. Singing mends whatever ails them.
Tara - The Dancer. A friend of a friend, but their own friendship is slowly building. Has a similar interest in music.

 xxxxxThe Ship

Full Name: Feria Delaney
Date of Birth: July 30th, 2499
Birthplace: Persephone Slums
Parents: Unknown
Education: Self-taught
Spouse: Devlin Delaney
Children: Moira Alexander (Not to be confused with the Character of same name)

Camden and Catriona Delaney (Twins)

Assignment: Keyhole Operations
Employment: Double Indemnity
Position: Captain
RP Playlistxxxxx 
Ghost Town - Adam Lambert
Underground - Adam Lambert
Hallelujah - Panic! At the Disco
Bottom of the River - Delta Rae
Dance in the Graveyards - Delta Rae
Hallelujah (Cover) - Chester See
Rumor Has It (Cover) - Chester See
Hey Brother (Cover) - Josh Gordon ft. Andy Lange
Secrets - OneRepublic
Counting Stars - OneRepublic
Radioactive (Cover) - Pentatonix ft. Lindsey Sterling
Lasting Tiesxxxxx
Distinguishing Featuresxxxxx
  • Blemishes cover her whole body from old burn marks
  • Tattoo on her left shoulder
  • Wears a Celtic Tree of Life necklace