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Felina Clawson
Full name Felina "Fel" Clawson
Date of Birth September 17
Assignment Bengalo Draba
Specialization Engineering Division
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark hair with a white strip, green eyes
Height and Weight 6"/172lbs
Status Active

"If the lights are out It's because I said I wanted it dark..."



Felina was born in whitefall and left to an orphanage at the age of three. The only memories she has of her parents are feeting images that she fears she will forget before they get any clearer. She was adopted out to a tradesman who worked on alot of ships that passed through. She did a lot of electrical work in his shop, and a lot of his programming. Things happened, things she is not comfortable discussing, she was beaten bloody one night for wiring a harness backwards, it was her final straw, She went to him and beat him upside the head with a pipe wrench, the same one she carries now. Fearing for her life and his, and she left not knowing weather he was alive or dead. She doesn't speak his name, that man is dead to her now. She took refuse on a cargo ship bound for Beylix and spent months there digging through the trash piles and things pulling out whatever useful equipment She could find doing minor repairs. She learned a good deal of russian and german dealing with the freighters that came through, She also did alot of freelance work and from that work gained passage throughout the verse to experience life.

She Met a man while visiting Paquin. A tall man she grew quite fond of. He called himself Chovian. He offered her a Job and she's been working on the Bengalo Drabra ever since. She's shy, but not overly forceful, though spending most of her time with men she's still a lady. She can dance proper and has good speaking skills. She would not have her good name in the verse if she didn't. Usually she moves from place to place, she likes to travel and work, but she's found herself with the Bengalo Drabra crew and she's doing just fine.

She's still suffering from severe insomnia but it seems to be easing back with help from a close friend. She's not much to look at but if you insult her be prepared to get whacked with her HUGE pipe wrench. She doesn't take kindly to insults of her self or the people she cares about.

While fiddling with a power cell she shorted it out, burning her arm and getting a large cut. Chovian managed to get her cleaned up and soon after gave her a locket which she wears around her neck:

Chovian shakes his head a bit, pausing a moment before he reaches into his pocket, pulling something out. As they step into the commons he halts and turns toward her. "Just think you are beautifull." He says softly, lifting his hand and reaching with the other. A silver chain falls and he stretches it out between his two hands. A locket hangs at the end of it glistening and decorated prettily. A single blue gem is set in the center of the front of it. "Is for you." <english>