Felicity "Flick" Kincaid

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"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."
Full name Felicity "Flick" Alison Kincaid
Date of Birth April 12, 2505
Birthplace Shadow
Parents James - Father (d. May 2528)
Celeste - Mother (d. April 2505)
Assignment Red Angel Mechanic
Specialization Engineering
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown / Purple (Naturally Blonde)
Height and Weight 5'9" & 129 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

Home School

Employment History
  • Tempest - Passenger Relations (May 2511 - Aug 2520)
  • Tempest - Engine Mechanic (Aug 2520 - Mar 2528)
  • Nimbus - Engineer (Jul 2528 - Jun 2529)
  • Guan-Yin II - Engineer (Jun 2529 - Feb 2530)
  • Red Angel - Mechanic (Nov 2534 - Mar 2535)


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    Flick stands five foot, nine inches tall and looks to be in her late twenties. She has thick, long hair that has been dyed light purple that rests to her chest and frames her angular face. She has a lean and athletic build. Her eyes are a dark brown color and constant looks around the area around her. Above her eyes are thin and narrow eyebrows. She has a fairly short and narrow nose, and a mouth that is well shaped, which can look very mean or extremely generous, but always looks sensual. Her hands and face is generally covered with grease and grime from working on the engines and her fingernails have grease under them constantly.

    She is dressed in a black tank top, which are tucked into a pair of worn black pants and are held up by a black leather belt. A worn brown duster rests upon her shoulders with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, the legs of a figure that's tattooed next to her right elbow are visible in her tanned skin. The holster and butt of a gun under her left arm under the coat can be glimpsed with her movement. The cuffs of her pants disappear into a pair of black boots that appear to have a lot of use to them, but have been cared for. The handle of a survival knife is stuck into her right boot. Her hands are covered with a pair of black fingerless gloves that cover from her lower forearms to just above her top knuckles.


    Though she may look tough, Flick is a girl who likes to have fun and enjoy herself no matter what she's doing. She seems to be the happiest when she's in the engine room of a transport ship. She’s one of those who believe ships and engines are like living people. Even though she's pretty laid back, she does know how to defend herself and is able to take care of herself. Deep down, she knows she's a real “girly-girl” which comes out on occasion though these outbursts are usually suppressed rather quickly. She tries to be more of a tomboy than anything, she does this because this is who she thinks she really is rather than who she is really. She is kind and friendly until you give her a reason not to be or if you are a member of the Alliance.

    Character Biography

    I was born on April 12th, 2505 on the planet Shadow. My mother died while giving birth to me due to some complication, but I'll never know what. I was too young to realize the gravity of the world around me and what was to come. The way my father tells it, our planet was one of the first to raise up against the Anglo-Sino Alliance. I was sent to live with my father's parents off planet, my mother's parents stayed behind on Shadow. While I was away, my grandparents noticed that I was ambidextrous after noticing that I was favoring both hands instead of just a particular one.

    A few months after I was sent away, and in an act of cowardice, the Alliance bombed the planet in a show of their power, trying to rush the resistance, but they were wrong. It just hardened the Browncoats and their hatred for the Alliance, killing my mother's parents and my grandparents. My father had volunteered to fight for Independence after he sent me to my grandparents and luckily, he survived the attack. He never would talk about what he did during the war. I think he was moved off Shadow as soon as he volunteered, but he wouldn't say.

    When the war was over, my father got a Dragonfly Class Transport and picked me up from my grandparents. I was now six years old and had my father again. I worked on his transport ship with the crew, mostly helping the guests with whatever they needed. I'd pick up bits and pieces of how the ship worked over the years, eventually becoming a part of the official crew. I helped with the maintenance of the engines, keeping them up and running. I learned everything from the ship's mechanic and from my father. He taught me how to shoot, how to do business and how to survive in these times now that the Alliance was in control. I don't think he ever really got over what they did to the planet I was born on, but never got to know.

    I continued to work for him until his untimely death last year after being shot in a bar in front of me during a card game. Unfortunately he had a lot of debts that were still outstanding and needed to be paid. In order to pay them off, I had to sell the ship that was left to me. I didn't have enough to buy another ship, so I started working as a mechanic for other ships. I always tried to save up as much money as I could, but jobs in between ships weren't easy to come by with no real prior experience other than my father.

    The money I had left over were soon gone by the time I managed to get hired on again. That job had just recently ended after the ship was sold and the crew disbanded and that's where I'm at now. Six months ago, I started getting reoccurring nightmares of my father's death which has started interfering with my sleep. I just keep having the same dream of him being shot and then blaming me for not saving him and telling me he's disappointed in me. Always the same nightmare, but thankfully it doesn't occur every day, but when it does I'm really not on top of my game. I try not to let anyone know when it happens. I've got the last of my funds and need to get a new job. You know anyone with a transport looking for a mechanic with nightmares and a case of insomnia?

    Event Timeline

    • June 03, 2529: After being let go from the Nimbus' crew, Flick arrives at Persephone to find another ship to join.
    • June 09, 2529: Flick meets with Donna, Captain of the Guan-Yin II and is hired on as a probationary member of the engineering crew.
    • June 11, 2529: Flick begins studying the ship's schematics to familiarize herself with the ship.
    • June 17, 2529: Flick meets Velvet for the first time and instantly takes a liking to her.
    • June 23, 2529: Flick begins her training on the ship's engine systems with Donna.
    • June 25, 2529: Flick and Velvet start dating.
    • July 02, 2529: Flick throws Velvet a surprise party the day after her birthday with the help of Donna.
    • July 28, 2529: Departed Persephone with the Guan-Yin II for the first time.
    • July 30, 2529: Velvet and Flick get a puppy named Daisy.
    • August 01, 2529: Stepped foot on Ariel for the first time and becomes an official part of the Guan-Yin II's crew.
    • August 24, 2529: Flick opens up to Donna about herself and her past.
    • September 14, 2529: Flick and Blake get to know each other over drinks. She discusses her father's death with him.
    • February 17, 2530: Flick leaves the Guan-Yin II.
    • March 2530: Flick and Velvet break up.
    • April 2530: Flick disappears from sight. Nothing is heard from her since.
    • November 1, 2534: Flick reappears on Persephone.
    • November 4, 2534: Flick is hired on the Red Angel by Annabelle as a probationary member.
    • March 5, 2535: Flick leaves the Red Angel.
    • August 09, 2036: Flick is spotted on Hera.


    • Though Flick's not a Browncoat, the one she wears was inherited from her father.
    • Flick firmly believes every ship and engine has a personality and has conversations with them.
    • Deep down, Flick is really a "girly-girl" but she would never admit it.
    • Flick likes to drink, but doesn't smoke.
    • Flick tends to name the engines that she works on. The name usually depends on the engine's personality.
    • Flick suffers from nightmares at least once a week which usually results in insomnia.
    • Flick has a Hello Kitty comforter in her quarters.
    • Flick spent two years in jail for weapons violations and assault on an law enforcement official with two years of probation.

    RP Hooks

    • Attracted to Engineers
    • Browncoat Child
    • Browncoat Supporter
    • Engine Obsession
    • Loves Transport Vessels
    • Loves to Get Dirty
    • Secretly a Girly-Girl
    • Suffers from Nightmares and Insomnia
    • Tomboy
    • Transport Engineer
    • Training in Capital Ships


    Past Relationships

    • Father Francisco Santiago - Flick met Father Francisco in the bar on Persephone after buying him a drink. They had a nice conversation and she was looking for a transport for the Padre at his request.
    • Donna Dalton - Donna was the Captain of the Guan-Yin II and after some conversation and a tour of the ship, she had hired Flick on as a member of the engineering crew on a probationary basis.
    • Lazorith Guntner - A member of the security detail who stopped by engineering to introduce himself, catching her in mid-conversation with the ships engines. They had a nice conversation and he seemed nice enough.
    • Velvet Von Black - An old crewmate on the Guan-Yin's engineering department and Flick's former roommate, Velvet had become someone that Flick can relate to and was someone that she can get along greatly with. She instantly took a liking to the woman especially since she talks to the engines too and considered her her best friend. They broke up around March 2530.
    • Hal Seiser - Another member of the engineering crew. They had a rough start, but had gotten to know each other better and formed a sort of friendship before she left the ship.
    • Robert Jacobs - Flick met Robert through Velvet. They had a nice conversation in the crew corridor and he seemed like a nice enough guy.
    • Padma Ayanchintsansar - Flick met the nun shortly after she met Robert. She seemed to be an intriguing individual despite the fact she didn't get to talk to her much.
    • Annabelle "Annie" Skarsgard - Flick met Annie when she was advertising job opportunities aboard the Red Angel. She interviewed Flick and hired her on a temporary basis despite her past.

    Present Relationships