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Full name Fayte Havoc
Date of Birth September 27, 2498
Parents N/A, Orphaned
Siblings Timiko, Ricky, Gerrard, Mikael
Assignment Combat Specialist
Specialization Demolition, Machine Weaponry
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue, Raven Black
Height and Weight 5' 11", 152.5
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • No Formal Education
Military Service
  • No Military Service
Employment History
  • Currently employed as Chief of Security for Red Lion Industries


Left to be Finished when I have the time.


Standing at an incredibly above average height of Five foot Eleven, give or take an inch depending upon the planet shes on, is this amazon of a woman. She has a rather thin build about her, if she wasn't wearing a shirt you could probably make out a few ribs here and there along the sides of her body. She has a general mocha complection that only enhances her height slightly. Raven black hair falls to about her shoulderblades, framing a soft oval-shaped face with high cheekbones and a soft, smooth nose. Eyebrows have been tweezed and plucked into thin, effeminate lines which float on a pool of oily and murky twilight which extends from the lid to just beneath her brows. About her eyes themselves is a thick ebony line which seems to drag out the edges and give them their almond shape. Her orbs are a drastic, shocking ocean blue with flecks of silver throughout. Her lips are full and volumptuous, painted in with a light shimmering crimson. Now here is a woman who'd have trouble passing through a metal detector. She has several piercings all throughout her face, from the six black hoops which penetrate her left eyebrow, to the spike in her chin. Piercing through her lips on either side is a typical 'snakebite' made from similar black metal hoops. Hanging from one ear is a dangling little earring, a short black chain with an Ace of Spades on one side, and a typical playing card design on the other. The other ear has a similar playing card, except its an Ace of Diamonds. When she opens her mouth long enough, one can make out a barbell through the center of her tongue.

Another distinguishing feature she has is a tatoo on the lower right-hand side of her neck. Its a small one, but beautifully detailed and richly colored. The tattoo is of a Phoenix in flight, wings spread, going up toward the sky. Its so detailed, one could almost picture it flying right off this mans body and into reality.

Clothing isn't forgotten! Draped about her body is a long coat of fine linen that is black as midnight, the inner lining consisting of silk that is a dark violet. A boned corset made of thick black vinyl clings to her chest, the swell of her breast contained with some difficulty by the material of the corset as straps tug the cups into place as they go over each of her shoulders, leaving them otherwise bare. A generous ammount of cleavage can be made out, enhanced by the fact that a silver necklace with what looks like a musical note charm on the end of it dips into the valley. Her tummy is flat, and left bare to reveal a large black barbell piercing it neatly. Following along the swell of her hips is a tailored skirt of fine black linen, with a triangle cut along the right leg. The skirts hem ends only inches from her knees, and is made tight to emphasize her curvey form. Shapely legs are cloaked in a pair of fishnet stockings, the likes of which end at the apex of her thighs- held up by thick lace suspenders. Upon her feet is a pair of leather boots, the likes of which are lined with a plethera of zippers and buckles, they have a platform sole but no obvious heel. About her hands is a pair of fingerless leather gloves, revealing a thin silver ring. The ring is simple enough, a selection of black opals shining at the widest portion of the band.