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Full name Faye 'Pockets' Victoria DeLaVinci
Date of Birth July 1st, 2503
Parents Antonio DeLaVinci (Father, Deceased.) & Rebecca DeLaVinci (Mother, Deceased.)
Siblings Darius (Youngest older brother)
  • William (Middle older brother)
  • A.J. {Antonio Jr.} (Oldest older brother)
Spouse Engaged to Hei Yu
Assignment Arctic Raider II
Specialization Pilot
  • Trade
  • Cybernetics Repair
  • Security
  • Cook
  • Bartending
  • Entertaining
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Vibrant green eyes, Dark purple hair
Height and Weight 5'0", 135lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Home Schooled

Military Service


Employment History

Brief Background

  • Has three older brothers:
    • A.J. (Antonio Jr.) who is 16 years older than her, he is a mercenary.
    • William who is 10 years older than her, he is an engineer.
    • Darius who is 6 years older than her, he is a doctor and a pacifist.
  • Travelled with her brothers after her parents died when she was 3 years old in the war.
  • Learned how to farm on the outer rim planets.
  • Was taught how to shoot guns by her brothers starting at the age of 13.
  • Got into a fight with A.J. and left the family crew.
  • Was employed by Roisin Dubh in Sept '24 as their pilot/security personnel before Saul vanished,
  • Jan '25-April '25: Signed upon the Crimson Shield Security as a pilot, security, and trade.
  • Mar '26-Jan '27: Began working on the Evening Star on Meretrix Industries as there back up pilot and security.
  • Nov '27-Jun '28': Began working on the Dawn Star as a back up pilot, security, and cybernetics repair
  • Dec '28-Feb '29: Began working on the Shu Chang as security/back up pilot
  • Apr '29-Current: Sign up with the Pirate Commonwealth and became a Corsair and Pilot!
  • Sept '31-Nov '31: Is working on the Guan-Yin II for the time being as security/back up pilot.
  • Nov '31-current: Is working for the Ricochet Arms and piloting the Longshot she also occasionally works as security when grounded.


Faye stands in front of you with natural dark purple wavy hair cascading along the sides of her face and down to the middle of her upper back. Her vibrant green eyes, with long softly curled eyelashes, peek out through the few wisps of hair that occasionally fall infront of her face, unless it is pinned back. Resting atop her red lovely lips, consisting an almost perfect bow atop of her full bottom lip, is a small slightly upturned nose. Her features seeming more visible with how pale her skin is. Her build is short and somewhat curvy, yet she is very thin around the waist. She stands at 5'0" unless she is wearing high heels then she is 5'4".
Her clothing is rather snug and shows off her curves, it varies day to day one what she decides she wants to wear. A long black duster is riddled with pockets is on her, over the that, the duster falls to her knees.
If you look closely to when she talks you can see that her tongue is pierced with a black french tickler on her tongue ring, also when she moves her hair behind her ears are pierced all up and down, medium silver hoop earrings are currently in the bottom peircing of her ear and diamond studs are in all the other peircings on her ears, the hoops on her ears towards the top have small diamonds hanging off them gently. On her left hand's pointer finger she wears a silver ring that has celtic vines encircling it. Upon her neck wearing a soft lace with a rainbow hearts, peace signs, and ying-yangs that dangle in that order from the main necklace. Below that is a white gold violin upon a white gold chain, the pendant rests at the curve of her breasts. A lovely small white gold chain bracelet delicately hugs her wrist and looks like it fits her perfectly.

Distinguishing Marks
  • Scar on the palm of her left hand going from near her point finger down in a diagonal to near her wrist.
  • She also had another mark but it isn't all that visible unless you know where to look

Employment History

Roisin Dubh
  • In Sept '24 Faye join the Roisin Dubh as their pilot and security personnel, she then began learning about trade.
  • She joined the crew running from her oldest brothers, mainly A.J., she could not take his strict rules anymore or his over-protectiveness.
  • Faye made a few close friends Ronnie being one of her closest.
  • Ronnie and Faye started dating.

Crimson Shield Security
  • In Jan of '25 Faye joined the Crimson Shield Security As a pilot, trader, and security personnel.
  • Crimson Shield had bought the Jormundgand and renamed it the Fenrir.
  • Faye made a lot of close friends: Hase, Nevy, Triana, Whisper, and Nika
  • Ronnie and Faye broke up but stayed close friends.
  • Hase and Faye started to have a fling.
  • Nevy and Faye started dating but have an open relationship.
  • Faye and Triana had a one night stand.
  • Faye went on a recon mission with the org and killed 4 of the people that were holding families and children captive in work camps.
  • Faye and Jupiter had a one night stand.
  • Faye broke it off with Hase because she met Lafitte and started dating him.
  • In April of '25 a rather embarrassing incident over the public communications in Persephone involving Hase. She then left the crew with her boyfriend of the time Lafitte.

Meretrix Industries
  • On March 16th of '26 she began working for the Meretrix Industries on the Evening Star as a pilot and security personnel.
  • Faye and Katherine start having a fling
  • Faye, Peeper, and Katherine start having a fling
  • Faye and Jake start dating
  • Some time around January '27 she was to visit with her brothers.

Dawn Star
  • On November 5th of '27 she signed up with the Dawn Star as a pilot and security crew on aboard the vessel.
  • On June 3rd of '28 she left the crew temporarily to go and fly with her brothers
  • During the time flying with her brothers she lost contact with Jake and has since assumed that they are no longer together as a couple.

Shu Chang

  • On December 5th of '28 she signed up with the Shu Chang as Security/Back up pilot but sadly had to return to help her brothers without warning Feb '29

Pirate Commonwealth

Ginger, Sugar Glider

Faye acquired Ginger around Halloween of '24, Ginger is usually either hiding in one of her pockets or in her messenger bag if she isn't off dancing for people at bars when Faye is there

Famous Quotes

  • "How does one accidently injest an eyeball?"
  • "Alright, If you were a muffin trapped inside of an oven, what kind would you be and how would you escape before getting eaten?"
  • "Make that a bottle of Disaronno and you got yourself a deal"
  • "Mormon-themed porn? How does that work?"
  • "Exploding Lesbian Football? Do I even wanna know how that one goes?"
  • "I adore Uno, wait... is this version strip uno?"
  • "I mean considering I remember something about Mormon sex tapes and exploding lesbian football.... there has to be a trend"

(More Coming Soon!)

Fun Tidbits About Faye

  • Hates the colors yellow and orange, the only exception is she likes yellow flowers.
  • Favorite liquor is Disaronno.
  • Pet lover.
  • Eventually wants to settle down.
  • Hopeless romantic at heart.
  • Becoming a decent cook.
  • Rather decent with a sidearms and repeating weapons.
  • Has insomnia.
  • Knows how to repair cybernetics.
  • Deathly allergic to raisins (not grapes or wine), peppers (bell peppers and spicier), and coconuts.
  • Known to be able to write and shoot with both hands.
  • Known to have quick reflexes.
  • Rumored to be a Leaf on the Wind.
  • Makes rather good mixed drinks.
  • Knows how to use and program computers.
  • Rather decent at concealing weapons upon her person.
  • Can pilot transports and capital ships.
  • Decent with trade.
  • Knows the following martial arts: Capoeira, Jujutsu, and Aikido
  • Becoming rather decent with a sword


  • Lucy in the Skies with Diamonds - The Beatles
  • Smoke Two Joints - Sublime
  • Crazy Bitch - Buckcherry
  • If Today - Nickelback
  • I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
  • Red Flags and Long Nights - She Wants Revenge
  • It Runs in the Family - Amanda Palmer
  • Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson
  • Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song - Fall Out Boy
  • Zoot Suit Riot - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
  • A Million Ways - Ok Go
  • Crystal Baller - Third Eye Blind
  • 18 Wheeler - Pink
  • Revolution - The Beatles
  • La Vie Boheme - from the Rent soundtrack
  • You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
  • Dota - Basshunter
  • Life is Beautiful - Sixx AM
  • This is the New Shit - Marilyn Manson
  • Technologic - Daft Pink
  • Anna Molly - Incubus
  • Slide Along Side - Shifty
  • Vogali Vi Dance All Night - Eiffel 65
  • The Red Dress - Motion City Soundtrack
  • Devil In A Blue Dress - Mitch Ryder
  • Paper Gangsta - Lady GaGa

(More Coming Soon)

More pictures of Faye

Pictures of Faye goofing off and having fun.