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Fart in space suit.jpg
Full name Faoite Jianagos McGuire
Date of Birth May 01, 2473
Birthplace Space, transport 205319 on route to Paquin
Parents Unknown. (killed by Alliance when he was 6 years)
Siblings None
Spouse Danee Vit Kalderdash
Assignment Jia as Owner and Captain
Specialization Pilot of any craft
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue/Black
Height and Weight 5'11" (156cm)
Status Active
Education Information
  • Unknown
Military Service
  • Alliance - 30 years
  • Pilot - Retired
Employment History


He stands five feet and eleven inches of solid mass and frame. Long white hair with shimmers of gray silver in thick curls and waves cover his scalp down just past his broad shoulders. Bushy silver white and gray eyebrows help define his sharp deep blue eyes, with long dark lashes that soften his rough expression. Leather tanned skin holds deep age lines across his forehead, and etch deep crows feet off his eyes and down his cheeks. He looks to be in his late sixties. He has a sent about him that is calming and makes him very appealing.

He wears an exquisitely-tailored navy blue double-breasted suit. The cut of the garment is form-fitted to his muscular frame. Beneath the dark navy jacket is a soft shirt, with a flared collar and of a very fine fabric. The chest of the suit is left open, the outer layer lying over his left side. Flared cuffs can be seen protruding out from the sleeves of the jacket. A braided, crimson belt holds his trousers in place, the material of which are of a coarse, formal fabric. The creases in the trousers are razor-sharp, and a pair of dark grey socks segway into a pair of black calfskin loafers. In all, his appearance is one of standing and comfort.

Faoite Mcguire.jpg

Back Story

Born May 01, 2473.

Bmal Enyad was given a brief childhood of happiness in his flawless memory. His loving parents where killed when he was six years old and he was taken under the Alliance's wing and raised to be in the military. They taught him how to fight and how to survive. Through this, he found he truely loved the great outdoors. In the wilderness, he found peace.

But that was short lived as the war progressed and he was sent to the front lines. It was there that he learned to be a pilot as he could drive any craft he sat down at the controls of. The military jumped at this and made him a Captain and had him pilot most of the crafts going into battle.

Bmal was shot down only three times out of the fifty missions he flew, each time he mannaged to land saftly with no one killed.

Getting back was a fight, but each time, he found his way back to his command ship to report. His sense of direction was flawless as he knew where to go for some reason. It was when he was shot down the last time, during the battle of Serenity Valley, that something happened to cause him to gave up his commition in the military and became a freelance pilot. Getting far away from the Alliance, he hopes to find his own way and perhaps his own ship someday...if only he could save money.

IC history

Was enlisted as Pilot for the Dark Dragon when it was under the command of Mou Lee. The ship changed hands and he still serves today. Aboard the Dark Dragon, Bmal found love in a Cara Andryovich, a young gifted Romany gypsy woman. They grew strong together until she died in terrorist attack. He morns her deeply but is trying to get on with his life aboard the Dark Dragon.

His name was then entered into a lottery by his inlaws who saw his grief, and he won an Osprey Class Freighter. He decided to name it "Jia" - Home. At last, Home.

What's In a Name?

For the majority of his life he knew his history to be simply this. That he was taken at the age of six by the Alliance and given a number - assigned a number like a cog in a machine, really. Interchangeable, replacable, trainable to the peak of his potential, but still just another number. When at last he was able to pick a name for himself he took that number and matched it up to the alphabet and came up with Bmal Enyad. And by the name Bmal Enyad he was known by his friends, colleagues, family, and this name stuck. Until, that is, at the age of 52. At long last he learned his true birth name: Faoite Jianagos McGuire. His mother was Viollca Jianagos and married a Blue Sun worker named Sean McGuire. They named their boy Fao and the rest is history.


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