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Class Independent Blockade Runner
Crew Capacity 24 officers / 340 space hands
Cargo Capacity 700 Tons
Top Speed 1,200 (2,400 afterburn)
Command Crew

Captain Lord Damian Carmichael * XO Cougar Black


The Maelstrom was launched from the Ares Shipyards in June of 2508, christened the IAV Eternal Victory. She was one of a a small number of Independence Blockade runners based on the Rapier Class Destroyer prototypes originally intended for service in the Alliance Navy. She served through much of the rest of the war, until suffering the fate of most of the Independence fleet after its back was broken at the Battle of Sturges. With few chances to regroup, refuel, or rearm, Eternal Victory was captured along with two of it's sister ships and a number of smaller gunboats. Repaired and mostly restored, Eternal Victory was used primarily by Alliance technicians studying the modifications made to the design of the ship and for training exercises. Mothballed with several other former independence ships near the end of the war, the Eternal Victory was set aside at a secluded shipyard, essentially forgotten by Alliance command due to various clerical errors. In late 2528, Count Salin Fawzy brought the problem to the attention of parliament, at the same time purchasing the IAV Eternal Victory, which had been mislabeled as fleet service vehicle and consequently sold at a cut-rate price. After several months of refitting, the ship was rechristened the Maelstrom and relaunched as the flagship of White Tiger Financing.

Since that refit and the amalgamation of Red Lion and Starke industries, the ship was re-named the Falkirk. It now serves as the mobile base of operations for the Red Lion side of the company. She is capable of hosting a crew of nearly three hundred, but generally has only fifty aboard at any time (mostly NPC) assisting with running the labs, kitchens and state-of-the-art medical bay.


Deck Plans:

MaelstromLayoutOverview.png MaelstromUpperDeck.png MaelstromMidDecks.png MaelstromLowerDecks.png