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Full name Elric Cadfael Valentine
Date of Birth 14 July 2495
Parents Ettia Valentine, Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse None
Children Christopher Lys, b. 2519
Assignment Engineering, Dark Embrace
Specialization Computers, Being Obnoxious
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel eyes, Dark hair
Height and Weight 5'11", 165lb
Status I stopped playing the char but the bit is still around, maybe I'll come back someday!
Education Information
  • New Hope Christian Academy, Persephone
Military Service
  • None


Rockstar from Osiris. Plays progressive new-age doom metal that is prone to jazzy segues and big-band solos. Vocal talents hint at a background in opera. Fael is known to enjoy badminton and a relaxing afternoon with his collection of Spanish Stallions.

Just Kidding

Fael is a hacker with connections to the underworld, a former foster child with aspirations (and/or delusions) of grandeur. He's a pretty good shot (when he hasn't been shooting up), and is always happy to lend his talents to those in need. Provided they pay half up front, of course.

Or at least... that's who he was. Then he met a girl.

Things got complicated.


  • Fael was born and raised on Persephone
  • As a teen, Fael spiked his hair and wore black eyeliner
  • Fael likes the finer things in life, but hasn't actually experienced many of them
  • He almost always wears a suit and tie, and there is no reason for this other than that he is pretentious
  • He thinks space travel is inherently dangerous
  • The red glasses don't actually have a purpose
  • Fael has a tattoo on the inside of his lower left arm, Chinese characters that read We think our fathers fools, so wise we grow; Our wiser sons no doubt will think us so
  • He has more recently acquired a tattoo of a pigeon on his right shoulder
  • Fael doesn't like cats and prefers dogs as food rather than as pets
  • Fael appreciates classical music
  • He thinks putting Blue Sun sugar snacks in coffee is a delicacy
  • Fael has cerebral achromatopsia and cannot see color
  • He prefers hard liquor to beer, but won't turn that down either
  • Fael's mother was from Dyton Colony, but he has never been there himself
  • Fael fully supports research into keeping brains alive in jars
  • He is superstitious
  • If 1 is perfectly straight and 10 is perfectly gay, Fael is a 3
  • Fael espouses conspiracy theories and communist rhetoric, but doesn't actually believe either
  • Fael owns a suit made of this fabric (Credit to Kerwyn for finding the image!)
  • Fael has earned a place in the Seventh Level of Hell, and of the 7 Deadly Sins he's most guilty of Lust and Sloth (in that order).
  • Fael once pulled a long con that involved posing as a pimp named Maurice
  • Fael is fascinated by cacti
  • He counts pie floaters among his favorite foods

The workin' poor

Musical Interlude

Because I am one of those people. You know, the ones who listen to the radio and think, "That's my character!" And then write down the name of the song. While driving.

Consoler of the Lonely by the Raconteurs
Inside Out by Eve 6
We are Nowhere and It's Now by Bright Eyes
Technologic by Daft Punk
Novocaine for the Soul by the Eels
Troublemaker by Weezer
We Are All on Drugs by Weezer
I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

Xie Xie

Alina and Kerwyn are the reasons I have a wiki page. Thanks to you both! (Alina is also the author of the first background section on this page). A big thank-you to Aife as well, for bringing me to Serenity MUSH, and to the truly excellent players of the Valiant/Dark Embrace and Black Wolf Enterprises, who have made me feel at home.