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Eyvindr Bjarnarsun
Full name Eyvindr Bjarnarsun
Date of Birth December 22nd, 2495
Parents Bjarnar Oláfrsun (father) and Danielle Michelle Gilroy (mother)
Siblings None
Spouse Olivia Michella Piper
Children Gawain Piper Eyvindrsun (son, b. April 2521); Freyja Morgaine Eyvindrdottir (daughter, b. November 2524)
Assignment Security Coordinator of the Guan-Yin II; Owner of the LRS Tereshkova. Retiring as of 2525.
Specialization Capitol/Transport piloting and repair, Melee Weapons, Old Nordic Culture, Rifles.
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Light Blue/Strawberry Blond
Height and Weight 6'8"/270 lbs
Status Retired
Education Information

Bernadette University – Ancient Culture (Literature specialist)

Military Service


Employment History
  • Current: Guan-Yin II - Security Coordinator
  • Previous: Guan-Yin II - Senior Pilot;
  • Previous: Guan-Yin - Senior Pilot;
  • Previous: Skidbladnir (NPC) - Pilot/Engineer;
  • Previous: All-father's Homestead (NPC) - Ranch Hand
Personal Notes

Blood Type: AB
Class II weapons permit
Age: 29

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Eyvindr Bjarnarsun

In the cold breeze

That I walk alone

The memories of generations burn within me

Been forever since I cried the pain of sorrow

I live and die, <with> the pride that my people gave me.

-Yoko Kano featuring Steve Conte, "Stray"

Eyvindr Bjarnarsun (pronounced EE · vahyn · d B/ee/ar · nar · son) is the current Security Coordinator of the medical vessal, Guan-Yin II. In addition, he is the owner and pilot of the Tereshkova, a long-range shuttle which has recently been refitted for emergency medical response.


Eyvindr’s most dominant features come from his Nordic/Scandinavian heritage. He stands at an impressive 6’8”, and weighs in at 270 lbs. from his broad, muscular build. He prefers to leave his slightly curling, shoulder-blade length strawberry blond hair unbound. He has that Scandinavian fair complexion and those soft, bright blue eyes that people feel they could get lost in. Though often concealed from view by his clothing, Eyvindr has three tattoos: a wrapping Nordic-ring framing runic script around each of his upper arms at the middle of the bicep, and a front facial profile of a Timber Wolf beautifully rendered the full length of his back. Recently, Eyvi has started to let his facial hair grow out, leaving the nordic cowboy's face covered with a rugged five o'clock shadow of auburn stubble.

Personality and Demeanor

Eyvindr is an extrovert: treating most strangers he meets like they were good acquaintances. He carries himself with pride stemming of his heritage and beliefs, yet is never impresses superiority over another person’s belief structure. A hard worker willing to expand on his own responsibilities, Eyvindr rarely looses his temper towards outward problems; rather, Eyvindr continues to work hard towards reaching a solution, and isn’t embarrassed asking for help from friends or approaching a problem from a new angle. Of all the AEsir (the Norse Gods), Eyvindr primarily pays homage to Balder, whom he believes his paternal forebearers are direct descendants of, and will often invoke his name in prayers and expressions.

Current Employment

Eyvindr is currently employed as the Guan-Yin's Security Coordinator. However, Eyvindr's first love is piloting and had previously served as the ship's Senior Pilot.

Character Biography


Born on December 22nd, 2495 on the world of St. Albans, Eyvindr is the son of Bjarnar Oláfrsun, owner of a large cattle ranch just outside of Steadfast Township, and Danielle Gilroy, a professor of Literature and Linguistics at the Museum of Earth-that-Was on Bernadette. Eyvindr’s parent’s met while Danielle was on St. Albans doing field research at Bjarnar’s ranch because of the Nordic cultural customs and stories that were preserved there, both orally and in written record, from Earth-that-Was.

What made Danielle’s study so personally fascinating was that she learned that Bjarnar and his ranch hand’s ancestry came from Scandinavian stock that, after hundreds of years, had returned to the old Nordic traditions and values: resuming such cultural traditions as the importance of tracing one’s heritage back through the father’s ancestry back to the god Odin, hard work ethic surrounding land and trade, and the old laws of hospitality and respect, especially for the gods and ways of the Old Norse pagan religion.


Enraptured by the culture, it wasn’t long before she found herself in love with Bjarnar; the epitome of all that was Nordic: a mountain of a man standing close to seven-feet tall made of pure muscle with fair hair, bright blue eyes to compliment his fair skin complexion, and the honor code of a Nordic jarl. It wasn’t more than four months into her expedition before Bjarnar and Danielle became involved romantically; and two months later, Danielle discovered that she was pregnant.

Contrary to Bjarnar’s wishes, Danielle didn’t marry him because, for as much as she loved him, she couldn’t give up her life back on Bernadette. She did request, and was subsequently granted, a two year extension on her field study so that she could bear the child there on the ranch in accordance to the Nordic practices. To Bjarnar’s great joy, the child was a son; and therefore his heir that could carry his family line and legacy.

Eyvindr’s formative years were divided between his parents: with his mother on Bernadette during that planet’s educational seasons and with his father during vacations and extended breaks from school. Bjarnar and Danielle felt that it was important for Eyvindr to benefit from the educational system of the Core Worlds while still retaining a deep connection to his father’s way of life, as well as the knowing the realities for folk living out on the Rim.

It was while he was on Bernadette with his mother that Eyvindr, at the age of five, was introduced to the Pipers: Brian, a colleague and friend of Danielle’s at the museum, and his daughter, Olivia Michella. Because of their close age and the friendship that was already present between Brian and Danielle, Eyvindr and Olivia naturally became nearly inseparable. Even when they were for any lengthy period, they were always sending waves as often as they could.

Eyvi's early years in elementary school, he grew up feeling ashamed of his father and his profession as a Rim world Rancher. This stemmed from his classmates, who many were the sons and daughters of minor noble families or with professions in various Core world vocations that were considered 'better' than anyone on the Rim world. Whenever he was asked, he would say that his father was in shipping and transporting and never said anything more. It wasn't until he was ten years old that he overcame these feelings with his father's help. Bjarnar, feeling that his son was finally old enough, began to teach Eyvindr the old Norse ways; and he started by showing his son their family's most cherished possession: a giant, old tome which Bjarnar referred to as the 'All-Father's Codex': a genealogical record dating back to Earth-that-Was for all of his line. Through this book, Eyvi learned that his father could trace back their bloodline directly to the AEsir Baldr, and through Baldr, Odin the All-Father, chief god of the AEsir. While any Core Worlder would scoff at such an outrageous claim, the child Eyvi was in awe that he, and his father, could be descendents of the gods. From that moment on, Eyvi devoted most of his energy and education to learning all about Nordic culture and literature, expanding his own knowledge and bring it back with him during the summer breaks to the All-Father's Homestead on St. Albans.

In 2506, when Eyvi was 11, The Unification War broke out, splitting the known galaxy apart. For Eyvi's own safety and betterment, Bjarnar and Danielle both agreed that Eyvi should remain on Bernadette for the duration of the conflict. This was a hard time on Eyvi, whom had only just started to form a deep bond with his father and his father's culture, and the war separated them physically for five years. Two things kept Eyvi from slipping into a deep, dark depression: his mother Danielle, aided and abetted by Brian Piper, used the resources of the Museum of Earth-That-Was to allow for Eyvindr and Bjarnar to wave one another on occasion; placing her career and her own safety at risk. The second was his friend Olivia who had accelerated so far with her own education that the two friends enrolled into Middle School together in the same class.

The last three years of the Unification War were the hardest for Eyvi. His best friend Olivia skipped ahead another grade, entering into High School one year ahead of him, and communications with his father grew less frequent with the Alliance Military cracking down on communications going out to the Rim. Lonely and angst-ridden, Eyvi began acting out: getting into fights with his classmates and back talking to authority figures. Seeing that Eyvi was in need of a father figure, Danielle asked Brian Piper if he would help her with her son by becoming a mentor.

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IC History


The Guan-Yin: A friend's request

It was six months after Olivia and he had reconnected that Eyvindr recieved another Cortex WAVE message from her: this one filled with distraught over the course of events since they're encounter on Bernadette and asking him to come be a pilot aboard the Guan-Yin; the ship she had inherited from the late Capitan Cardac. After a great deal of thought, Eyvi returned the WAVE, agreeing to meet with on Persephone to undergo a thirty day trial period aboard the vessal. He couldn't have come at a time when the ship needed him the most: it was a skeleton crew, just barely enough to keep the boat in the air. Waisting little time, Eyvi jumped right into his roll and took to the helm of the Guan as if he were taming a bronco on his father's ranch. The results were immediate: the guan-yin was soon regularly moving cargo and travelling through the black, earning the funds to do what the ship was intended to: provide free medical care for all seekers. In the following months, Eyvi became more hands-on aboard other aspects of the ship's functions, paticularly in Engineering as their chief engineer vanished without any word, and later ship security.

A Long Day in May

It wasn't until two months after joining the Guan-Yin that Eyvindr came to fully understand what the Guan-Yin's objective was. In May, while the ship had finished hauling cargo to Beaumonde a passenger shuttle crashed on the tarmac of the spaceport. It was fellow crewmember Imogen 'Sparrow' McIvers who witnessed and iCommed the event to the rest of the active crew of the ship before Eyvindr, Olivia, and new chief engineer Josh Kain went out to help evacuate and load the survivors up into the medical ship for aid. Taking the initiative, the Guan-Yin returned to Persephone for their new passangers to have a central location from which to travel to their destinations. Taking advantage of this early return to Persephone, Dr. Piper decided to visit the Persephone Wellness Clinic in the hopes of obtaining a supply of the precious drug, Pescalin-D, so that the Guan-Yin could start giving free injections to patients with Bowden's Malidy. It wasn't very long after the doctor's departure that Eyvi, 'Sparrow', and Kain recieved a distress over the Guan-Yin's iComm frequency from their capitan about a security and medical emergency at the Wellness Clinic. Waisting little time out of fear for Olivia's saftey, Eyvi led the security team of three to the Wellness Clinic. After a brief stand-off with crew members of the Chaos Theory, the two crew's worked together to secure the thrashed medical facility as Dr. Piper worked to stabalize an injured Lucinda. Out of this encounter, Eyvi would start to befriend the, then, executive officer of the Theory, Madison Radcliffe. Despite the long day of stressful work, Eyvi walked away with a greater understanding of just what the Guan-Yin's mission is, and more committed to it than when he signed on.

The Son Infront of Him

As life aboard the Guan-Yin returned to a new state of calm, Eyvi and Olivia rekindled their on-and-off-again romance; though this time around there was something different about the nature of their relationship with the birth of her son, Gawain, back in April. For his own part, Eyvi treated Gawain in all respects as if the child was his own, even affectionately reffering to Gawain as the "Little Jarl," even started to make Eyvi think seriously about starting his own family. In the beginning of June, Olivia approached Eyvi and asked him if she would marry her, and adopt Gawain as his own first born son; which Eyvi accepted joyfully. Though, a few days after the proposal, Eyvi recieved a cryptic WAVE message from Getir, a Pathfinder to the Norse Gods residing on the All-Father's Homestead on St. Albans. All Getir said was: "The true line of Odin as been passed; Baldr's Wolf has sired a cub." The implication of those words weighed heavily on Eyvindr, for he knew that he was 'Baldr's Wolf,' and that somewhere in the 'verse, he had a son. Though it stressed his relationship with Olivia, Eyvi began a systematic search with women from his past, inquiring as if they had born a child after their relationship ended. None of them did. Eyvi finally came to assume that it must have reffered to his adoption of Gawain Piper. It did reffer to Gawain, but not in that figurative way. When testing to verify Gawain's paternity, Dr. Obukov discovered that Eyvi was the biological father of Gawain.

The Pescalin Crisis: New Life for the Goddess

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Additional OOC Notes

  • The runes depicted in the tattoos wrapping around his upper arms at the middle of his bicep are characters from the Elder Furthark script. The one on his right arm Baldrsblessed.JPG translates to say: "Balder blessed." The on his left arm Baldrsward.JPG translates to say: "Balder’s ward."
  • Eyvindr reffers to the wolf tattoo on his back (shown right) by the name of: "Freki," one of the two wolves that accompanies Odin All-Father.
  • Eyvindr's sword is of Viking design, and running down the center of the blood grove the name "Morrigan" engraved deep into the surface in Elder Furthark runes.
  • Friends affectionately call Eyvindr "Eyvi" for short.
  • Recently (ICly - August 2524), Eyvindr has taken up the study of Glima; a norse folk style of amature wrestling.