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Full name Evangeline Rose Toussaint
Date of Birth May 19th, 2506, Ariel
Parents Dr. Stephen Toussaint (Father)
Annabelle Toussaint (Mother)
Siblings None
Spouse None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Bright blue eyes; chocolate brown hair
Height and Weight 5'2" tall
Around 100 lbs.
Status Active


Sweet sugar is tempered with a generous amount of sassy spice; a contagious, genuine smile is modulated by a wary gaze. At 5'2" this woman's size is not all that imposing, indeed some might even call her dainty at first glance. A second, longer glance would take in that her slender figure is composed of well-formed, muscular limbs, and a lithe hourglass figure that is narrow at the waist but beautifully rounded at her bosom and hips. There is a contrast about this young woman, her wholesome vitality is unmistakable, yet it would be difficult not to see that beneath the surface simmers something more predatory that is at odds with her friendly grin.

Dark chocolate hair is streaked with a solitary stroke of silver. The tousled, short ringlets are redolent with the heady fragrance of sandalwood and rare jasmine. Nothing but swipes of her hand keeps the soft curls away from the sharp lines of her heart-shaped face. Surrounded by thick clouds of black lashes, cerulean blue eyes are flecked with forget-me-not violet; the combination an unexpected surprise within the creamy mocha of her skin. Red wine lips are generous with their expression of emotion, startlingly vulnerable within the planes of her face. Silver hoops gleam within the shadowy mass of hair at her ears. Around her neck a strand of wire has been twisted and looped into a rather erotic looking choker against her dusky flesh.

Fingerless, charcoal leather gloves cover what seem to be strong hands. A golden band of five wires and a lovely glass cabochon fits perfectly on the middle finger of her right hand. In a display of ebony cloth and milk chocolate skin, the warrior's lithe, muscular torso is caught in the tight grip of a black sports bra. Giving support and emphasizing the athletic curves of her chest, it also exposes well-muscled abdominals with a scattering of raised scars. The edges of hip bones are glimpsed above the waist of a pair of low-riding camo pants. The rough material is faded with time and use, and though clean, stained with dark spots of what might be blood. The worn green and brown patterned pants are bagged into a pair of tight-laced, practical combat boots, equally time-worn but polished with care.

Rumors & Personality


Though she is still relatively young, the occasional rumor crops up about the known gunslinger. That she is a sassy fireball is relatively well known, that she is a psycho is a less frequent topic of discussion but can occasionally be heard in the bars and taverns along the Rim. Every so often there is the quiet word that she is an assassin for hire. Then there are the wilder rumors about how she paints her face with blood and dances around howling at the moon, those are usually dismissed as utter rubbish.

She is usually sarcastic and rarely talks about herself, always sassy and impertinent. She often says that she only has one fear but won't say what it is. Those who know her, know that this is true. Everything else she dives into head first.

Brief Background

- Evangeline does not talk about herself or her past. If anyone had an inclination, they could review public domain articles and learn that Dr. Toussaint was a well respected theoretical physicist and his wife Annabelle was a relatively well known artist whose pieces were occasionally sought after by those collectors who appreciated a more classical style. Their daughter's birth on Ariel was mentioned once in association with one of Dr. Toussaint's upcoming research trips to the Rim. The last mention of the Toussaint family discusses the deaths of the physicist and his wife, mentioning that their eleven-year old daughter was injured and in the hospital.

- Private, coded medical records from the hospital, however, reveal that the Toussaints' ship was attacked by reavers. The doctor and his wife were killed, but other ships in the area were able to save the girl. She was admitted into a psychiatric facility for two years where her records show she went through several types of drug and electro-therapy treatments. After the second year was up, it was determined that she could function in society and as a ward of the State was released to a public orphanage. Not long after her release a brief memo in her file indicates that she ran away.