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This is OOC Information
This information is be considered OOC knowledge. Scraps of knowledge can be acted upon OOCly to initiate RP-- but it should only be considered a "coincidence" (ie; Deus Ex Machina), and not something the character themself knows.
As a sidenote-- while Evalyn may be dead, her player is most certainly not! Try not to let her stuff get all nuked away, and don't forget her!

Evalyn by FushiaX.jpg
Full name Evalyn Brevviax
Date of Birth April 14, 2495
Parents Michael (Deceased) and Dannae Forens (Deceased)
Siblings Craig Forens (Missing)
Spouse None
Assignment *Charlie Team Leader/The Regiment
*Contracts & Hunting/The Bounty Hunters Guild
*Security Consultant/Meretrix Industries
*Leader and Organizer/Ethereal Investigations
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green Eyes/Messy, unwashed brown hair
Height and Weight 5'4"/168 lbs
Status Active

Evalyn (2495-Present)

Evalyn's an odd duck of sorts, simultaneously defying and adhering to any range of stereotypes applicable to her situation, from the "proper woman" to the "rough-and-tumble" gunslinger. Still, her odd character manages to remain fairly fluent and static, comparable almost to the phases of a moon. Recognizable often by her queer choice of clothing and tendency to disregard social norms, the brown-haired woman seems to find herself on any planet that has "things" going on; a remnant, perhaps, of her drifter background.


The history of Evalyn's life is spotty, at best, and inconsistent at worst; nevertheless, a few easily obtainable legal documents might, at the very least, paint a very generic outline of the latter half of her life.

There are no graduation records, or any attendance sheets to indicate that Evalyn either completed highschool, or even attended college; in fact, the closest sort of indicator of her whereabouts was a small misdemeanor filed for petty thievery on the day of her seventeenth birthday, on Ariel. This, in and of itself, is nothing particularly worthy of note-- until compared to her birth certificate, printed and filed on Persephone.

For almost a dozen years following, various tax-returns and work permits indicate the woman went through a slew of jobs, seeming intent on sampling one of each profession available to her on the planet; from stripping to waiting, from security to tutoring, Eve managed to hold each job for at least a week (though never more than a month) before moving on to find yet another job.

On the eve of her twenty first birthday, April 14, 2516, Evalyn's father was arrested-- though the records and reason behind his arrest were considered confidential, and either never released to the public, or quite simply buried amidst the mass of information that so often floods the cortex. Less than a year later, Evalyn would marry Marccus Brevviax. Though her father was released (for, as the State admitted, a lack of incriminating evidence) two days before her marriage, he was conspicuously absent from the event-- and, indeed, the 'verse as a whole it would seem. Unfortunately, Eve's temperamental disposition seemed to apply to men as it did professions; less than a month after the legal documents were signed, the woman would filed a quiet divorce notice. Though neither disagreed over the circumstances, and each parted for their own paths, Evalyn would keep Marccus' namesake.

November of that same year, it seemed Eve would find her true calling. Upon being admitted to the Bounty Hunters guild, the woman would neither quit nor switch jobs for at least a year later-- and even after forming her own, somewhat similar coalition, would continue to remain a proud member of the Guild.

Character Traits & Personality

To describe Evalyn as somewhat odd would be to call space "rather dark;" it neither did the woman service, and yet almost fully encapsulated the sort of approach you might take to her.

First and almost foremost, she's deaf; in an odd sort of inversion of the expected, the woman will be proud (almost frighteningly so) of her disability when surrounded by strangers-- and be almost ready to start a fight if someone would dare slander a facet of her being. And yet, when around friends, the mere mention of it would almost send her into a catatonic state of shame; as though these were the people she were truly afraid of being looked down upon by. While perhaps not so dramatic or debilitating as this might initially sound, it would certainly be enough to quiet the woman, give her reason to excuse herself from the room, or simply close her eyes and go to sleep.

In a similar sort of encapsulation of oddities, Evalyn rarely seems to sleep-- though when she does, it's consistent; at least, she's protested before, three hours a week. While the woman might act naive, as though this were a perfectly healthy discussion, there's always a tint of sarcasm in her voice as it's said. When all the others go to sleep, she'll either read a book, go for a walk and a smoke, or even watch late night TV (bad subtitles be damned); whatever, it seems, can distract her 'til the sun rises. This brings about some unfortunate changes, of course-- the closer she gets to her 'three hours,' the more steadily she declines into almost incompetence, becoming unable to comprehend the simplest of problems, read the most obvious of mouth-formations, or even walk a straight line. Upon waking up, too, it seems Eve's incapable of interacting with normal society...though less for lack of ability, than a sort of "grumpy mood"-- if, admittedly, exponentially more grumpy than mere text implies.

A number of other queer sort of quirks follow Evalyn doggedly, though none quite so in-depth as the aforementioned; her apparent fear of water-- or even, for that matter, clothing in the slightest bit revealing; the apparent unease she feels in large crowd; or her tendency to trust people in an almost polar manner-- either hating you upon first contact, or (evidence suggesting it to be unwise) following you to the grave.

These are, obviously, only slight parts of Eve's very being; in fact, from this page alone, one could assume that the woman is rather drastically dreary and depressing-- but for conveniences sakes, only those particularly noteworthy traits have been recorded. For the most part, the woman is an excessively flamboyant and optimistic person, with these little facets coming into play rarely, for all the work she puts into hiding them. Because let's be honest-- they're sort of weird.


On the morning of her birthday, the woman was found dead in her apartment-- the victim of a quiet and dignified suicide, if the cocktail of drugs and alcohol in her system were any indicator. While not quite the big shindig one generally associates with the death of people even remotely important, Eve's friends would insist that they honored her personality and wishes; after the coroner finished his work, her casket was launched into the sun Persephone orbited.