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Full name Eugene Donnchadh
Date of Birth December 7, 2498
Parents Soh Byung-Min (father) & Soh Kaede (mother)
Siblings Soh Soo-Jin "Susan"
Spouse Leutrim Donnchadh
Assignment Co-Owner, Ethereal Investigations
Specialization Martial Arts
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes/ Long black hair
Height and Weight 5'6"/120 lbs
Status Active
Employment History

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”
-Miss Piggy

Lean and lithe as a whip but short in stature, this young woman stands no more than five and half feet tall. Long, pin-straight, ebony hair frames a softly rounded face as it glides past her cheeks, falling to the middle of her back. Her dark brown eyes, delicate nose and full lips pay homage to her Asian heritage, interrupted only by what appears to be an old scar. Faded now, the reddish line carves a path across her face from her left cheek, over the bridge of her nose to just under her right eye.

She tends to favor rather eclectic clothing, mixing between modern, Asian and military influences and can usually be found in some jean/t-shirt ensemble. The occasional uniform thrown in when duty calls and dresses ONLY under special circumstances. She is rarely found without her long green coat, made for her by her sister (for luck) and a pageboy cap of some sort.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Scar across her face from an incident when she was 14.
  • Tattoo of an ouroboros on her left shoulder.
  • Gunshot wound on her left shoulder.
  • 2 Gunshot wounds along her right side, just under the ribcage.

Personality & Demeanor

"Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend."
-Bruce Lee

Calm, cool and occasionally cute, no one would peg this young woman for the fighter she is. Always respectful, she tends to be reserved at first, ranging from polite to downright reticent when faced with new people and situations. With her friends she's an easy-going girl with her own quirky sense of humor and an unswerving sense of loyalty.

Though her preferred language is Korean, she rarely runs into anyone who speaks it. She is also fluent in Japanese and sign, has penchant for origami, and likes to dance.

Brief History


"Wave goodbye. Wish me well... You've gotta let me go."
- from
Human by the Killers

PFC Soh at your service, Sir!
Ethereal Investigations
Leutrim & Gene
Pot-bellied piglet, Boomer
Eugene's wedding dress.
A gift from Leu.
Gene and her gelding Bear.
  • October 2522 – Eugene leaves home under less-than-happy circumstances. Finds herself on Persephone, where she’s offered a job by Eeben Barlow with his mercenary company, The Regiment.
  • November 2522The Regiment moves to their new home, a compound on Silverhold. Life on the Rim is certainly a learning experience for the Coreworld girl, and Eugene takes on her first mission, protecting a local mining caravan from bandits alongside Marc Orrell, Evalyn Brevviax and a man named Bobduck. It’s the beginning of a beautiful, albeit strange, friendship. Gene also receives her first gunshot wound. Good times!
  • Early December 2522 – A body is found in the woods near the compound. Bound, and obviously murdered, the man is turned over to Reilly Kelly and his team.
  • Late December 2522 – Eugene deploys with The Regiment to Greenleaf, on a mission to stop a band of smugglers. There she works with Madison Radcliffe for the first time, finds out she really does not like jungles, and learns a lot about recon work.
  • January 2523 – The Regiment folds into the 63rd Federal Division of the Alliance military. Eugene follows her commander into service.
  • March 2523 - Through being in the wrong place at the right time, Eugene and Nekita help Quintus Aemilius Yee with a few 'guests' aboard his ship, The Turbulent.
  • April 2523 – Though friendships are formed, Eugene decides military service not really her thing. She leaves the Alliance honorably to join Evalyn in her independent venture, Ethereal Investigations, a P.I. agency. It’s during one of these investigations that she meets Leutrim Donnchadh by chance at a café in the city center. He looks at her funny, she steals his chair.
  • May 2523 - Eugene works her first cases with Ethereal, including info gathering at the 'Dregs and tailing a government official for his suspicious wife. Moves into the 'digs when Evalyn disappears and Marc leaves for Londinium. New friendships with Leutrim and Reese make things easier.
  • June 2523 - Evalyn returns! Gene is given a green tea plant (by Leutrim). She tries not to kill either.
  • August 2523 - Gene interviews with the ALPD, but the timing is unfortunate, the department is restructured and folks resign. Eugene stays to help, meets Morgan Kendrick for the first time and is impressed by his flair on the shooting range. Ethereal begins investigating the Case of actress Jessica Manor's Stalker.
  • December 2523 - Morgan hires Ethereal to find the grave site of his deceased uncle. Gene is assigned to the case with new Investigator, Rasya Emer. She also moves into Eavesdown flats, with Marc and Dale for roommates. If that weren't enough, on a visit to Hera, Leutrim proposes, she accepts! Ethereal also celebrates New Years on the roof of the flats, molotov cocktails, impromptu concerts and a whole lot of drinking ensue.
  • February 2524 - A figure from Dale's past comes to cause trouble, and just when Lee and Dale manage to buy a little time, another friend is in trouble. The Scooby Gang is off to help in an operation to rescue Captain Anastasiya from a German crime syndicate. Then it's a rush back for a showdown in the slums with Kurt Standish, everything that could go wrong, does, in true Scooby fashion, but in the end Kurt will bother Dale no more.
  • March 2524 - A quiet day on Hera ends in an ambush from a strange ship at the Winchester Estate. Leutrim is gunned down by assassins right before her eyes. It's all over too quickly to do much of anything, except pick up the pieces. Thankfully, with decent armor and a lot of luck, Leu survives, though it was touch and go for a while. Lee and Dale rush to lend their support, and with some help from the Tienlong Leu is safely transported off Hera and back to Persephone to spend his time recuperating at the MWC. Eugene drops everything to stay with Leu, and is soon put to work as MWC security with Marc, by the ever practical Dale.
  • April 2524- A day at the Clinic gets all sorts of strange as Dale asks Genie to help him investigate a problem in the West Wing renovations. The two delve into the depths of the basement (in her nice clothes no less!) only to find strange slime, bleeding walls and some sort of strange dragging sounds in the walls. The adventure ends with the unfortunate tazing of Dale. Eugene learns not to toss things at him.
  • July 2524 - Just as things seem peaceful again, Evalyn takes her own life. Eugene and Leutrim find themselves inheriting Ethereal Investigations and the Ethereal Embrace. Leutrim quits Lord Winchester's employ and moves back to Persephone. After mourning the loss of her her boss and one of her oldest and dearest, friends, she and the others start to pick up the pieces, determined to keep things going the way Evalyn would have wanted.
  • August 2524 - The strange bloody walls at the MWC, have turned into a full blown mystery. Many even stranger incidents ensue, including one where an explosive laced piglet is tossed at Eugene. Through some quick action by Amber Wu, the animal is saved and adopted by Genie. Now named 'Boomer', the spotted piglet lives a very spoiled existence as a housepet. There is also some soccer practice, an infiltration of Persephone General Hospital, and a final showdown at a goth/vampire club. Everyone looked -hawt-, including Lord Carmichael, who was also there, in disguise.
  • September 15, 2524- Married Leutrim Donnchadh at the Winchester Estate on Hera. Ceremony presided over by a toga-clad Quintus Aemilius Yee and was, in usual Quintus style, very... interesting. After a week long honeymoon on Santo at the very thoughtful Twitch's house, the pair barely makes it to their first -month- anniversary. Aboard the EE, Leu nearly falls victim to the strawberry of dooooom. Suffering a severe allergic reaction to the fruit, he's saved by Tash,Elliot and Foerga.
  • November 2524- Once again there's work at the MWC, time for old (Nekita and Amber) and new (Maggie, Foerga and Hase) friends, and of course, nothing like a bombing at the spaceport right before Thanksgiving. Once again, Nekita and Gene find themselves working for Blue Sun alongside Agent LeBlanc.
  • December 2524- Time to visit the folks on Sihnon and try to make some peace. While Christmas brings another terrorist bombing. Seems everyone's wanting to blow up Persephone lately. Heavy gunfight ensues, leading to quite a few injuries including most of the EE crew, and the RLI and CSS folks. Gene sustains only one bullet wound to her knee, but it results in a brand spanking new artificial one. Her first metal part. Whee!
  • February 2524- People are dropping like flies from a mysterious poisoning epidemic. Medicines tainted with BTX are causing heart attacks and seizures left and right. The MWC is pushed nearly beyond it's capacity, and so are it's people. Finding a little time amidst the chaos, Leutrim gives Eugene a locket for Valentines Day, thoughtfully filled with a tiny holographic vid clip of their wedding. Awww! Big time brownie points!
  • March 2525- Dr. Jones goes missing after answering a call to Eugene's old stomping grounds, the Eavesdown Digs. She joins her husband in an investigation that leads them to his homeworld of Verbena and a trail gone cold. For now.
  • March 25th, 2525 - Knee finally on the mend, Eugene is gunned down on her way to workout. Right outside of the Bounty Hunter's Guild House. She survives, remaining in a drug induced haze for weeks. Set up to look like a 'robbery' her credits are taken, along with her wedding ring! There is -much- sadness.
  • April 2525 - Dr. Xian Ashcroft joins the abducted shortly before Gene was shot up. While Eugene travels to her family's home on Sihnon to heal, Leu and the others begin the search for her as well. They unravel a horrifying story of concentration camps for former Browncoats scattered over several worlds.
  • May, 2525 - Lord Winchester is abducted from his estate on Hera, Amber Wu shot three times. Eugene is kept mostly in the dark by Leu and the rest, joining them on the ship while she continues to recover. She can't really blame them though, she finds herself having a hard time facing the ones who nearly ended her life. She's no longer the fearless woman she once was.
  • June 2525 - Ethereal and the Shadowdancer crews join forces to recover Lord Winchester from the kidnappers. Gene feels of little use, but covers the others, ready to assist Doc MacAbrams with any of the injured.
  • November 2525 - The Ethereal Embrace is attacked while onloading cargo on Boros. With both Helena and Maggie shot, the others take out most of attackers.
  • December 2525 - Sick as a dog for most of the month with the 'flu', Eugene manages to make an appearance at the New Years Party in Eavesdown where she serves drinks. Too bad she's never been much of a drinker herself, how was she to know Scotch is Whiskey? Looks like she'll have to wait a little longer to apply for a job a the Dregs, especially since she finds out that after months of trying, she's -finally- pregnant.
  • January 2526 - Feria's ID is stolen by some dastardly con-artists and the group picks up the case. Got to protect one of their own afterall! The ranch on Verbena is finished also, and Eugene and Leu move in. She finds that it's not so bad living in the middle of nowhere, as long as you don't mind the bugs and the occasional monkey in the kitchen. Problems arise though as a Distillery moves in upstream and the fish start dying off in the river. Apparently that's not -supposed- to happen, so it's once again time to investigate.
  • Febuary 2526 - A nighttime mission to check out the 'Distillery' leads to the discovery of an old crash site. Leutrim starts on a kidnapping spree that starts with a miner at the site, and ends with a woman trapped in a mudslide. Good thing they redecorated the guest room. Seems there are several ships, including one on their property. Who's are they and why do these folks want at them so badly? As Gene gets more and more pregnant, cravings set in and she dreams of ships full of strawberry milk cargo. Yes, that would be something worth killing for. Feria and Lewis are badly hurt during an explosion on Verbena. It had something to do with the folks who stole her identity, but Leu seems to want to keep Eugene in the dark for worry over her condition.
  • March - April 2526 - Gene and Leu find out that the fake Feria is renting offices on Persephone and go to investigate. Done up in snazzy disguises they 'borrow' the office next door and set up surveillance. Seems this scam runs pretty deep and the woman is preparing to run it again. Preggers for 5 months now it's pretty darned obvious. Everyone seems pretty happy about it though, especially at their friend Rose's wedding.
  • May 2526 - They find out that Gene is expecting a girl!! Now if only they could think up a name. Speaking of names, Feria drops a bombshell on the couple and they're left wondering exactly what to do next. There is also the loss of Xian to deal with, and Gene is too upset to attend the funeral, but manages to a small gathering afterward. With the stress of all the cases, including the one involving their home, Eugene starts to experience complications with her pregnancy. High risk to begin with (after being shot up so often) she is told she needs to be on bed rest for the next couple of months. Not wanting to burden Leu with the responsibility of having to care for her, she decides to return home to Sihnon and stay with her parents.

Songs & Stuff

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