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Ethereal Industries
Owners Elliot Hayes
Inception 2523
Location Persephone
Ships Ethereal Embrace
Command Crew

Elliot Hayes - Captain

Piloting Crew
Engineering Crew
Security Crew


Medical Crew

Ethereal Industries

Aug 29, 2527 I became the owner of Ethereal Investigations. I renamed it to Ethereal Industries.

Being that there is the Bounty Hunter's Guild, as well as brotherhood. I decided I would work towards making, Ethereal Industries, a cargo business. One day, I hope to open a place on some outer rim planet and make it the home for Ethereal Industries.

Until then I continue to run cargo for both ship, crew and organization.

When the time comes that I can open a cargo business, it will be my goal to offer jobs and cargo.


Ethereal Embrace is hiring for :




Companion -

Let us Remember

The brainchild of Evalyn Brevviax, Ethereal Investigations was formed April, 2523 on Persephone. The company deals in the information business, employing people with unique backgrounds that can contribute to solving any number of cases. These cases can be anything from a missing person(s) to finding dirt on a cheating husband.

Letter from the Founder

A message from our org Founder, Evalyn Brevviax:

Ethereal Investigations was formed to serve two core purposes; information gathering, and roleplay that wasn't centered around either the dinner table or the sniper rifle. In the case of the former, EI will (hopefully) grow and become a powerful force without the use of excess violence; by being a sort of macro form of Mr. Universe, a company that buys and sells information, we hope to be a group to be reckoned with-- not for our prowess with the firearm, but for the potential blackmail we might hold or, almost preferably, for the usefulness we exhibit.

In the case of the latter, however, we strive to give use to those more-neglected skills. While not perhaps focusing on the "frill" skills (cooking, singing, et al), we -would- like to see a heavier emphasis on those of a more noiresque feel; gather information, persuasion, intimidation, streetwise, etcetera.

To make a long story short; we want you guys to have fun with a different style of RP-- but we'd like your characters to become household names, like The Rocketeer, or Dick Tracey.

Your Grand and Illustrious Leader,
Evalyn Brevviax

Past Case Files

  • Morgan's Missing Uncle
  • The Stalking of Jessica Manor
  • Spitzer Case
  • The Medical Wellness Singing Walls Mystery
  • Lord Carmichael Monument Sting Opporation (EI lends support)
  • BHG shooting of Eugene & Lord Winchester Abduction Case
  • Browncoat Internment Camp Case

Current Case Files As of January, 2010

Personnel Files


Name: Leutrim Beowulf Donnchadh
Handle: Hawkeye
Specialization: Tracker / Sniper / Investigator

Originally from Verbena, Leu was a hunter and handled the plantations hounds and horses. Later he served on Persephone in the Alliance Legal Police Department where he picked up his K-9 partner, Aelfred. From there he signed on with Lord Winchester and became Head of Security for House Bennett and Winchester Repeating Arms. These days he's assisting Eugene Soh with managing Ethereal Investigations and is an active member of the Bounty Hunter's Guild.


Name: Eugene Soh
Handle: Knuckles
Specialization: Hand-to-Hand Combat / Stealth


Name: Marc Orrell
Handle: Blondie
Specialization: Consulting


Name: Lethaniel Tucker
Handle: Tuck
Specialization: Investigations (training)


Contact Info

While we are not actively looking to fill any vacancies right now, we're always interested in meeting new folks. The investigation end of the business is mostly part-time, with our people ranging far and wide in the 'Verse, but available to help out when we need them.

Maybe you've got some super sleuthy skills that are gathering rust, some underworld contacts wondering why you never call, or maybe you're in need of some information yourself. Give Eugene or Leutrim a shout ingame, by @mail or +wave, or stop by our office, located on Persephone, Apartment 1a in the Eavesdown Digs. Yeah, the Digs. We're classy like that.