San Pablo

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San Pablo
Class Osprey
Crew Capacity 12 (8 crew, 2 command, 2 guest)
Cargo Capacity 300 tons + MULE
Top Speed 900 (1800 afterburn)
Command Crew
Piloting Crew
Engineering Crew
Security Crew
  • Galen O'Neil (NPC
  • Donald Humphrey Lewis (NPC)
Medical Crew
General Crew

Hiring Status

Hiring :




IF you're interested in joining us send a +wave or page Elliot.


What you might set your eyes upon is a strange and beautiful example of technology; a new Osprey Class transport, its sleek lines denoting maneuverability that can only be dreamed of, with a respectable set of thrusters that look to keep on put-put-puttering away even in the dead of night. From a birds eye view, the thing as a whole could almost be compared to the letter 'y,' with the tail boom extending aft beyond the body of the ship to squeeze out just a little more stability and turning power. On the foreward side, the cockpit pushes off from the upper deck flush with the roof of the ship, utilizing a unique 'down-facing' canopy.

The ship as a whole looks to be painted with a glittering swirl of blue with splashes of sea-green, almost as though it had been rent straight from the primordial soup, or perhaps the pattern cut directly from the pre-dawn sky.Across the cockpit of the ship, in a slightly translucent color, a young woman reaches out towards the nose, almost as though this oddly elegant creature of the night were some sort of mermaid, a figurehead to guide her ship to the first star on the right, and straight on 'til morning.

Standard Cabin Before Fit Up

Cabin Top view Cabin Hull Wall View Cabin Corridor View

For those of you working up room @descs, a quick model of the cabin before "tenant" fit up! It's based on the Osprey plan. For scale, each metal floor plate is 2' x 2'. There's a top view, a view looking at the hull wall and a view looking towards the corridor wall with hatch. The enclosures with grilles near the hull wall house the cabin's standard and emergency back-up mechanical systems (that's heating/cooling/ventilation/scrubbers) with a small control panel (fancy thermostat!).

The room modeled is C3, Maggie and Tash's room - and this is a DRAFT of their finished room - colors and textures still to be added. Of interest is that this is what's called a "furniture" solution; every piece in the room was bought and simply set in place. If you'd like your room modeled, just let Tash know!

Standard Cabin Finished

Cabin Furnished View 1 Cabin Furnished View 2 Crew Deck Cabin Layout‎

An example of a finished room. Of note is the small service unit near the hatch, Maggie's quilted 'stained glass' comforter, and the small red cylinder in the middle hutch is indeed a fire extinguisher. The center hutch not only supports the room's primary indirect light fixture but also provides a modicum of privacy for those still asleep.

The next installment ... the crew quarter suite (which was put in mirror-wise on the MUSH) showing all six rooms and the block out for the engineering bay.

Interstellar Kraftsman Enterprises & Associates, Anchor Bracket

Furniture Anchor Bracket(tm)
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History is the present. That's why every generation writes it anew. But what most people think of as history is its end product, myth.


  • March 2524: Purchased new by Ethereal Investigations
  • April 2524: Saul Ennan hired as Captain.
  • April 2524: Begins Cargo contract with Black Wolf Enterprises
  • May 2524: Captain Saul Ennan begins to make rennovations to the ship.
  • Aug 22, 2524 Elliot Hayes, became the Captain.
  • January, 2527 Elliot was given the Ethereal Embrace, it is an Independent ship.
  • Feb 19, 2527 Independent , getting cargo wherever can get it.
  • Nov 27, 2527 Independent, Contracted : Shenjing Industries
  • Aug, 2528 Oscar becomes XO