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Estoile operates from Hera, in partnership with Winchester Repeating Arms Company, and Captain Elric Ratius & Lisa May Twitchel of the Shadowdancer.

Orders may be placed through:
Miss Amber Wu;
Winchester Repeating Arms Company
Captain Elric Ratius & Lisa May Twitchel
of the Shadowdancer
Specialist transportation Equipment
PetPods & StockPods

Estoile: PetPods/StockPods, EcoPods & EnviroPods

  • Pests, pets, stock or companions, from cats aboard crude rafts to spiders in space stations, wherever people have gone animals have gone with them. Estoile now offers you a method of making sure they, and you, arrive at your destination in the best possible condition.

Why Pods?

  • Ever been offered a contract to take ice Roses from St Albans to Sihnon - and had your crew complain about doing the trip at 10 degrees above freezing?
  • Or been hired to take Greenleaf Froglets to Londinium and found the high temperature and humidity needed to keep them comfortable makes everyone else miserable?
  • Or perhaps that container of rare plants needs 16 hours of light and constant monitoring to ensure it doesn't die?
  • Or spent a week trying to recapture the escaped parakeets, only to find quarantine has been broken and you're up for a penalty fee?

  • . . . simply want to make sure your ships mascot/pet is as safe as the rest of your crew? Or tired of your hydroponics setup failing and eating lettuce with more fibre and less taste than packing insulation?

Pods are your answer.

  • Estoile make three types of Pod to care for your living, or delicate, cargo.
  • PetPods provide a haven for your companions. They can even act as an 'animal spacesuit' in emergencies. We suggest you familiarise your pet with the Pod as a refuge, and train it to return on command. StockPods can be manufactured to order.
  • Plants are given haven in EcoPods. These Pods are reinforced to allow for soil to be shipped, for those plants which require symbiotic bacteria for example, and include internal restraint points to ensure the plant is securely held. They can also act as a self-contained hyroponics garden, with computer monitoring to help ensure optimal growing conditions for your fresh produce. For transport of insects, fish, and amphibians, we strongly advise the use of EnviroPods, as the environmental settings are designed for more delicate adjustment.
  • Lastly, EnviroPods. Enabling the duplication of most environments, these are ideal for the transport of cargo as varied as seeds, fertilised chicken eggs, temperature-sensitive drugs or preserved biological materials. They are not designed to hold large animals or plants.

  • These basic Pod units can paired with a self-powered drive rather than rely on manual handling. They come standard with a basic powered self-movement system, usually using wheels or treads, controlled via tether.

Basic Pods:

Pod Pic

* Basic Pods come with
** computer monitoring on the unit
** wheels or skids. No power drive. Manual handing only.
** attachment points for manual handling along with basic life support
** ID tagging
** automatic location beacon.

Pod Upgrades:

Class 1 (luxury outfitting) - Additional sound proofing, provision of video and audio feeds to and from the Pod, ID tagging suitable for spaceport routing, inclusion of upgraded emergency Beacon, customised interior and exterior paint and detailing. Includes the ability to pre-program a route via GPS, as well as upgrade to enable control via comlink, ships computer or PDA to allow monitoring and control of all Pod systems remotely rather than by tether and Pod control panel. Provision of solar panels may increase Pod power capacity by unto 250% under ideal conditions, depending upon Pod contents and solar energy available.

Full Isolation - Meets the requirements of Core world quarantine services. While the certified seal remains in place, animals or plants in transit will remain in isolation. This also includes heavy duty filtration and recycling systems as well as an external power supply which increases Pod size by approximately 15-20%. Note: this will not affect any quarantine regulations in place from point of origin.

Zero-g Manoevering - provides a limited ability to manoever in zero-g conditions via computer control. This can either be used in the cargo hold to make placement of the Pod simpler, or if Pod recovery or transfer between ships is needed, it will assist in this as well. Note: these contain very limited fuel. This upgrade also includes restraint webbing as appropriate.


Customers should be aware that Pods are NOT rated or approved for human use.

  • PetPods are approved for animal use only.
  • Ecopods are approved for plant use only.
  • EnviroPods are general-purpose controlled enviromment units.


Standard Pod: 7000cc

  • Includes choice of standard surface finishes (reflective white, service grey, matt black)
  • Delivery via standard shuttle services.
  • 3-year warranty against defects in manufacture included. Voided if maintenance schedules are not followed or repairs are performed by uncertified personnel.

Secondhand Pods: 5000cc

  • A limited number of secondhand Pods are available.
  • All secondhand Pods have been given a thorough maintenance check and required repairs have been completed.
  • Surface flaws (dents, roughening through cargo handling) may be present but will not affect performance.
  • Pod surfaces can be refinished to a different colour scheme as listed in upgrades.

Prices : Pod Upgrades

Customised Painting

  • Cost: 200-2000cc
    • Pods are normally provided in reflective white. semi-matt service grey, and matt black.
    • Customised surface treatments are provided in four gloss options: matt, reflective, normal (semi-matt) and low-care (high gloss, chemical and dirt resistant)
    • Additional colours and paint schemes can be provided, as can company or advertising logo eiher seperately or in conjunction. If you do not have access to a graphic design service, Estoile can assist with a listing of a number of independent companies.

Luxury Outfitting

  • Cost: 500 - 5000cc
    • This includes customisation such as additional isolation safeguards, extended power reserves, increasing life support abilities. upgraded control/computer protection, and variable viewport opaquicity.
    • Pet Pods upgrades can also include interior design for comfort and display, and the ability for dispensing of veterinary-prescribed drugs in air and water. Estoile does not provide any veterinary service itself.