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Full name
  • Esmeraldas A. Esferas (Ezzy)
  • Father: Lucas O. Esfera
  • Mother: Meena J. Ayres
  • None
  • None
  • Chief Officer of the Phoenix Company
  • Owner of Geist
  • Owner of Whitesell Estate
  • Command
  • Master Pilot
  • Business Management
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Eyes: Jade
  • Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Height and Weight
  • Height: 1.81 Meters
  • Weight: 68.04 Kilos
Status *Active
Education Information

  • General Education
  • Ariel College


Esmeraldas stands with a height of 6' and is of a very curvaceous build. She is by no means thin and dainty and it looks as though she has placed her health and body shape as a high priority. She appears to have very toned features that grace moderately tanned skin. Her strawberry blonde hair drapes down around her face, keeping with the movement of her head, and reaches down to her shoulders. There are streaks of light brown that highlight throughout her hair. Black eyeliner and light gray eye shadow give a smoky aura that accentuates her jade eyes which rest below finely sculpted eyebrows. A small dainty nose is led to by a moderately slender bridge and ends at leveled nostrils. Below sits a pair of well-defined lips, her philtrum creating a nice 'v' in her upper lip. Her lower lip is a bit more full than the top but both are still very plush. Soft tan shoulders lead down to strong arms and her experienced hands which are adorned with black manicured nails. Her breasts aren't overly large yet the round globes are very prominent. Her hips compliment her hourglass figure perfectly and lead down to long slender yet powerful legs and elegant feet.


  • Dependable and discreet. Ezzy is, by all means, a good person that is on her last leg.
  • Always willing to take command of a situation and put herself on the line for those she cares about.
  • She believes that change needs to happen no matter the cost and she is willing to do the things others aren't.

RP Hooks

  • Has a distinct British accent. London to be precise.
  • Paranoid nature!
  • Phoenix Company's Chief Officer, though it would take a very interested party and a skilled cortex hacker to discern this without prior knowledge.
  • Esmeraldas actively pursues Legion along with many others.


  • Esmeraldas was the successful outcome of Blue Sun's genetic experiments, being a tube baby. Her heritage is still honored though as records verify her as Voivode of the Ariel Clan. A princess! Ohlala!
  • She is completely blanketed in tattoos and loves them!


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