Erin Ashley

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Erin Ashley Malika
Erin Ashley.jpg
Full name Erin Elizabeth Ashley Malika
Date of Birth Sept 8, 2505
Birthplace Ariel
Parents Jack & Jeri Ashley (Living)
Siblings April
Noah (Adopted)
Layla (Adopted)
Phil (Adopted)
Jane (Delivered by Erin and adopted)
Spouse Odell Malika
Children Erica Rose February 9, 2528
Ella Lea, February 9, 2528
Owen Scott March 24, 2531
Assignment Chef/Nurse Dark Star Security
Specialization Nurse
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Violet, natural platinum blonde
Height and Weight 5' 6", 140 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

University of Ariel

Employment History

Guan-Yin II - Former
Derrial Book Memorial Hospital - Former
Dark Star Security - Current


At her full height Erin only stands about five foot six and weights around 140 pounds which is standard for her height. Her arms and legs are both well toned, but not overly muscular. Her hair is a natural platinum blonde color and she probably spends way too much time fixing it into the messy spikey way that she wears it. Her eyes are a very vibrant violet color, also natural. She hasn't spent a lot of time outside to get color on her skin but it isn't a sickly pale color, just not dark. She keeps her nails to a descent length and wears a fresh french manicure on them, usually of a variety of different colors. The only mark that is visible is a birthmark on her right hand between her thumb and her index finger. If one didn't know better they would actually think it was a tattoo of some sort.


Erin is from a large family, and talks about them often. She is number five of nine children, the youngest four having been adopted. Her parents Jack and Jeri are still alive as are her grandparents Johnny and Mildred. April is the oldest sister, but only by about seven minutes as her twin Josh followed very close behind her. April is married to Edward and they have the families first great grandchild/grandchild/nephew by the name of Mark. Dawndra follows the twins by a few years and then Greg follows her. Erin fits in right here. She was around the age of 17 when a series of three children entered their lives, not all at once, but they were all the same age. Noah, Layla and Phil were unanimously voted on to be adopted by this already large family, adding to the chaos and mayhem. Erin was working in the family business when a friend from school by the name of Mimi came into the restaurant. Mimi stayed for a while, chatting with the family after closing. She told of her pregnancy, and how she was due any time, but would not be keeping the child. She was home on Ariel just to see her parents and friends again for a few days. Suddenly her water broke. While the family was mobilizing to get Mimi to the hospital she yelled that there would not be time and that the baby was on its way right then. Erin's mother, having delivered five children of her own took matters into hand and started issuing orders including telling Erin that she was going to deliver her friend's baby. After a very short time Mimi delivered a baby girl by the name of Jane. She wanted Erin to keep the baby as her own, but she had plans for her life so the family once again voted unanimously to adopt Jane into their family.The family owns a second generation business called 'Mama's Silver Dollar Kitchen'. All of the kids work there in different capacities. Erin's specialty was entertainment. She plays the clarinet so would play and entertain the guests two or three times a week. She also tended bar when her grandfather was busy doing something else. Having four brothers she has learned to play catch pretty well. It was more self defense to keep her from getting bruised from flying objects. Her family fully supports her desire to be a nurse and has already promised that they will call on her for any and all pre/post natal care and even delivering of any future children into the family.


On June 3, 2527 Erin had the honor of marrying the love of her life, Odell Malika, manager of the Helios Grand Hotel on Persephone. Odell and Erin met when she was wandering Persephone looking for somewhere to shop for a dress for an upcoming wedding. The romance was a whirlwind and quick and it was no time at all before he proposed to her and she did not hesitate to say yes immediately. Neither of them want to leave the positions they currently have so they are going to work hard to make the long distance work. Odell makes her feel special, loved, treasured and protected.

On February 9, 2528 Odell and Erin welcomed into the world their identical twin daughters Erica Rose, 5 lbs 7oz 19 inches and Ella Lea, 5 lbs and 18 inches. They both have their dad's dark skin and their mothers blonde hair. There is one way to tell them apart once they get older and that will be their eyes. Erica has her fathers dark eyes and Ella shares her mothers violet eyes.

O March 24, 2531 Odell and Erin welcomed into the world their son Owen Scott, 8 lbs 7 oz 19 inches. He has mocha skin like his father, brown hair and blue eyes


Currently she is a member of the Guan-Yin II crew as a nurse. She has grown to love the crew of the ship and enjoys her job completely. She was lucky enough one day to be walking around Persephone when she slipped on the ice in front of the ship just as Dr. Zachary MacAbrams was leaving the ship. While talking to him she told him she was looking for a job and after a few minutes of talking further, she was offered one. The crew has found out that Erin enjoys cooking and baking. They love when she makes brownies but also enjoy the dinners that she as made. Cooking and baking are Erin's way of thinking things through, so when she has a lot to think about the crew seems to gain about ten pounds each.

July 2528 - Finding that she misses the warm embrace of her husband daily and realizing that the girls need to be near both their mother and father Erin made the very difficult decision to seek land based employment at Derrial Books Memorial Hospital. She is working as a charge nurse as well as working on the classes needed to get her mid-wife license.


A few things about Erin:

She spends a lot of time on her hair.
She loves different colored nail polish, specifically on her toes.
She knows sign language.
She swims.
She is ambidextrous.
She is claustrophobic to the point of near panic attacks. If you want the story, you'll have to ask her.
She is very shy, but once she gets to know you, you are more than likely a friend for life.
She is the only one in her family with the violet eye color.
She loves purple, but hates pink.
She prefers iced tea with mint over most anything else to drink.
She loves the smell of mint and can usually be found in the garden with a leaf in her hands.
She is supposed to wear glasses, and even has them with her, but she doesn't wear them like she should.