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This is IC information.
This information is displayed publicly on the cortex, and may be used ICly.
English Beckham
Taye Diggs as English Beckham
Full name English Tyr Beckham
Date of Birth 1st January, 2496 (33)
Birthplace Bethesda Island, St. Albans
Parents Ambrose Timothy Beckham (53) &
Margaret Belle (nee Childers) Beckham (52)
Siblings Charles David Beckham (30) &
Danika Tuesday Beckham (29)
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Specialization Field Investigations
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown : Black
Height and Weight 6'2" (1.9m)
203 lbs (92.1 kg)
Status Active
Education Information

K-12 Persephone Public School System

Military Service


Employment History

Current: Beckham Investigations, Private Investigator
Concurrent: Aerie Aviation and Aeronautics, Security Consultant
Interpol, Detective
Interpol, Constable
Alliance Police Services, Sheriff
Alliance Police Services, Deputy Sheriff
Eavesdown Police Department, Detective Constable
Eavesdown Police Department, Police Constable

Personal Notes

Medical Record

  • Blood Pressure: 123/79.
  • Blood Type: O+.
  • Cholesterol: 123.
  • Complete Vaccinations & Immunizations.
  • Insurance, Dental: VALID.
  • Insurance, Health: VALID.
  • Known allergies: Trees, grass.
  • Nicotine addiction.
  • Right-handedness.
  • Medical History:
    Chicken Pox, 5 YO.
    Acute Radiation Syndrome (3Gy), 33 YO.

"Be not simply good - be good for something." ~ Henry David Thoreau

English is a man looking to do the right thing by others, even if it means bending the law he once swore to uphold.


English Tyr Beckham was born in a small villa off of the coasts of Bethesda Island, St. Albans. He doesn't remember much of the area given that his parents emigrated with the two year old English to Persephone when offered high-paying jobs in the aeronautical engineering field. It turned out to be a form of scam in freeing up their money and abandoning them in the outlaying Eavesdown area. So he grew up with relatively nothing. His parents stayed together and raised English as best they could.

Soon, they were inviting both a younger brother and sister into the world and at that point they were on their feet once again in a nicer area of living, middle-class, though with backs bowed over with nigh insurmountable debt. English focused on his schooling as best he could, and took care of his younger siblings. He felt irrationally guilty, in a way, and began to hang around with the wrong crowds in order to help support everyone.

English never had a criminal record, however. He was lucky in that regard, able to accurately discern when to run and when to fight. His would-be gangbanging created a rift with his parents as he began to act out the older he got, his grades fell, and he drew the eye of a high school counselor. She was ex-military, persuaded him to do otherwise by his family and suggested the local Alliance Fleet Academy in order to make something of his self; they, eventually, reached a compromise upon his graduation and he became a local enforcement officer instead, and in spite of his general distaste for the Alliance. Neither did he ever share his original motive for wanting to stay in the general area of his family.

Rising in rank, he became an investigator and began his search for the company that wronged his family so many years ago. However, by that point, the now-called Alliance Central Intelligence had already shut down the company and placed them into the judicial system to face multiple counts of fraud and other law-breaking. So in the end, his original motive in wanting to right past wrongs had been completed by someone other than himself. Still, he could help people and so he continued to do so with only a handful of transfers from areas across the Persephone globe here and there.

Years into the business of helping, he was stationed back in and around the Eavesdown area upon the conversion of the many Alliance Services into the Department of Alliance Security by order of Parliament. He now continues to function as a local investigator; fairly broke when it comes to personal resources, alone in most regards socially and romantically, but he does happen to have a job that he loves doing.

His focus in doing the right thing, even if it means bending the law, and having a knack for getting the job done as smoothly as possible may both be his boon and curse: leading task forces against high profile criminals while officially still being low of rank.

So when it came to be that the Alliance government would condone nuclear weaponry fielded against both Commonwealth and civilian numbers on Ita Moon during Operation Steel March circa May 2529, he immediately resigned. He now works out of Houghton House just outside of the Spacer's District, Londinium as a private investigator.

He's formed Beckham Investigations under the slogan, "We Help the Helpless."

So while leaving the Alliance and retiring to months of vacation and managing Beckham Investigations, English has found his services being exported to companies as a security consultant. His primary contact has been with Aerie Aviation & Aeronautics after extensive dialogue with the company's office manager. English has also been writing extensively and it is rumored that the autobiographical novel detailing his stint in the Department of Alliance Security is under the process of having its film rights secured.

Even in early retirement of the police force, English Beckham is a busy man.


This man is dark-skinned with a brown complexion. He stands at a pair of inches over the six foot mark and weighs around two-hundred pounds. He has a broad-shouldered and muscled build, in the likeness of something of a professional sports player. He keeps his head cleanly shaved though sports a neat, black goatee. A broad brow and thick black brows are set above his eyes with the irises a dark brown that nears black. He has a straight, broad nose and strong jaw, chin, and plain ears. Strong expressions and age have since revealed the beginnings of worry lines at his temples and dimples flanking his near-pinked lips. His earlobes are pierced, usually adorned with uncomplicated diamond studs.

He typically wears plainclothes, acting as an everyman civilian. His clothing changes from day to day as scenes at hand dictate.


In general, English tends to be a down to earth guy, personable and straight-forward if not blunt at times when not easy to relate to. He is confident. He is a conversationalist, manipulative in that right by way of charisma and interpersonal skill. The man prefers to be a listener and observer rather than speaker and he's more than welcome to keep a secret rather than share one. As it stands, he's also distinct in keeping his private life far away from his public one; and he enjoys being right even if it means being pedantic. He's prideful, a vice to be sure but his conscience leads him into being reckless. A distorted set of morals allows him the justification to bend or even break the laws if need be. He's chaotic if not enigmatic internally.

His personality quirks involve being fairly obsessed with the time, especially when on a particular deadline. English also regularly smokes and rather than use a conventional lighter is oft to carry a box of matches. White happens to be his favorite color and he loves food, willing to try a variety of things.


According to the Myers-Briggs (Jung) Typology test, English Beckham is an INFJ, commonly known as Counselors.

English's Typology Scores
Introverted: 76% Intuitive: 55% Feeling: 65% Judging: 85%
Extraverted: 24% Sensing: 45% Thinking: 35% Perceiving: 15%

Beneath the quiet exterior, INFJs hold deep convictions about the weightier matters of life. They are conscientious and value-driven. Those who are activists are there for the cause, not for personal glory or political power. Using their intuitive skills, they develop a clear and confident vision, which they then set out to execute, aiming to better the lives of others. They are champions of the oppressed and downtrodden, and the concept of 'poetic justice' is appealing to the INFJ.

INFJs have a rich, vivid inner life, which they may be reluctant to share with those around them. They are guarded in expressing their own feelings, so tend to establish close relationships slowly. Nevertheless, they are congenial in their interactions and perceptive of the emotions of others.

You can read a bit more about INFJs HERE. You can take the test HERE.

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